What Not to Wear-the next generation

My friends and I were discussing fashion and television, as we often do, and I believe my friend Tanya came up with a great new programming idea. We all watch "What Not To Wear," and have gotten the basics down. We know how to generally dress for our bodies, events, etc. Hopefullly noone is close to reporting us to the show for lack of style. While we can all gather a fair amount of basic information from watching Stacy and Clinton, there are some further questions that need to be answered. For example: what are the best options for summertime in Houston? Shorts? sundresses, skirts? If shorts, what lengths and colors work best on what body types? In other words, a step up from the basic shows, plus Nina Garcia's Guide to Style, with a little Whoorl and Susan thrown in for good measure.

We are more than happy for TLC to grab on to this idea, as long as they let me and Tanya shop with Stacy and Clinton for an hour or two in exchange!

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