Gleeful Singing

I bought the Glee Season 1 CD a few weeks ago and have been playing it almost non-stop since I got it. I am the type of person who rocks out in the car, so the CD is perfect. My favorite song has to be the last song, "Defying Gravity," sung by Lea Michelle and Chris Colfer (see youtube clip here I guess my girls have heard the songs a few thousand times because my 5 year old (Em) was belting out the tunes tonight on our drive home from school. What was so hilarious about the singing was her flourish arms at the end of each chorus. That kid is a born entertainer. Unfortunately, with as much as I love singing, show tunes, and musicals, my singing is strictly in the car or in the shower-not fit for human consumption. Hopefully she'll cultivate a singing voice to go with her big flourishes (complete with jazz hands). Hilarious!

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