Compassion from a Child

*We still have no word from Compassion regarding the status of our sponsored child, Sandrine. Compassion has been working to try to re-establish contact with their Haiti office, but have not been successful. They have sent workers/volunteers (?) from the Dominican Republic to try to get more information and begin distributing aid. Please continue to pray for little Sandrine and her family, as well as the people of Haiti . I know they will need many prayers as they try to recover from this tragedy. I have posted a button in my sidebar for Hope for Haiti, it is a raffle donation event where money raised will go to the Red Cross and Compassion. Please check it out. There are a number of aid organizations trying to work to help the Haitian people, I encourage you to find one you like and trust and help; the need is great.*

My husband and I were discussing which aid organizations to donate to over dinner (for the past few days, we've been discussing Haiti and Sandrine a lot more than we usually do). Please Note, we have not shown any images of the devastation to the children. After bath time, my older daughter asked, "Mommy, how did you know that the girl (Sandrine) needed our help?" I told her that God told me. She said, "We need to say lots of prayers mommy, because everyone is crying there now." Oh, my heart just ached. I was proud of her compassion and understanding, she put into words what I've been feeling. At the same time, it broke my heart a little more.

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  1. What a sweetheart....we are trying to figure out the best place to donate as well!

    On a much lighter (and pretty insignificant) note, check my post today for a small surprise.


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