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Football Talk- Can you believe that Texas Tech fired Mike Leach? My guess is that they wanted a reason to tell fans and the sports community in general why they were firing Leach, other than "We didn't want to pay him the $800K bonus." But, really? Mike Leach was the best coach they've had. And, after this stunt, the best coach they'll get for a long time. Even if he didn't play by their rules, he was still much better than they could have hoped for. If I were a college coach or player being interviewed by Craig James, I'd tell him to go jump off a pier. No way would I give that man the time of day. He and his son managed to torpedo another Texas team. I wish Mike Leach well. While I thought his team was one-dimensional, he was successful with the passing offense. But, he is a smart coach and someone who doesn't suffer fools. So, I have to respect that. I hope he wins a big settlement with Tech and goes on to find a better team next year.

Did you see the Northwestern-Auburn game? The OT was surreal: You won, no you won, no you won, no we have another play, oh, another play. Crazy. What a way to start the 2010 football season (OK, really end the 2009 football season).

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