It's Springtime-at least for the catalogs

I already told you about my design inspiration from Spring catalogs. The newest round of clothing catalogs made the rounds this week. My favorite places to shop are J. Crew, Anthropologie, and Boden. Most everyone knows about J. Crew and Anthro, but you may not know about Boden. Here are a few of my favorite looks for Spring. Mmmm, I can't wait-love their colorful retro vibe (sizing is better now that they have "Americanized" their sizing).

This skirt screams fun! It would be perfect for Cinco de Mayo-doesn't it look like a serape? I can see it at a picnic, pool party, birthday party, or enjoying margaritas with the girls!

I am always drawn to Boden's ivory skirts. They seem to have at least one each Spring and every time, I fall for them. Just about the time I am ready to buy, they run out of my size. (Boden's prices tend to be quite high, so I wait for a good discount code). This skirt is no exception. I LOVE it. I can imagine myself in a field of bluebonnets with this skirt on. Gorgeous (the skirt, that is!). I also love how they've pictured a mother of an infant/toddler on the beach in a white skirt-right, completely believable!!

How fun is this dress? No need for a necklace, the dress is the statement. Adore. Must have.

The coat?! To borrow a phrase from another fashionista-I die. I love it-it's so Sgt. Pepper with a fun twist. Totally impractical for my lifestyle. But, if I were traveling in Europe this Spring, I would order this coat in less than a second.

What Spring catalog is complete without the obligatory swimsuit preview. Normally I prefer tankinis given that I've had two babies. But this top is so fun, and gives an extra boost to the "girls." It's fun and interesting, a perfect flirty top. I think I may have to get this for our trip to Mexico!

If you don't get this catalog, get it. The commentary on each page is hilarious. Boden asks each model, including children for certain statements, like my favorite beach is:.... it's interesting and humanizes each outfit. The Boden children's line is great quality as well, but tends to run about a size too large.
*FCC- Boden did not pay my for anything, I use hard earned cash to buy everything I get from Boden and I love every piece.


  1. Yep. When I got the Boden catalog last week I drooled like an ugly dog. I fell particularly in love with the ivory/black coat and the blue/green dress. And while we are traveling to Europe this Spring..... I know I'm not neat and clean enough to wear it!! I wish I could say how much that bums me out in Portugese.

  2. I just found out about Boden last year and I haven't purchased anything yet but I do love their stuff!


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