Harry Potter Party -Exhaustion

I'm suffering a bit-exhausted from planning and hosting a Harry Potter extravaganza for my daughter's 8th birthday.
 The owl balloons were part of the birthday invitations we delivered. So cute. My favorites yet.
The owlery-the project that didn't quite turn out as I envisioned. That's 8 year olds for you; they have their own ideas. As long as they had fun-that's what counts.

I think everyone had a good time. But, I'm wiped. Also, a little ticked by one family who didn't RSVP, dropped their kid out of a running car (with no hi, or hello to us) an hour into the party, picked up without a word of thanks, and didn't even bring a gift for the birthday girl. Plus, the kid kept trying to ruin all the potions by telling everyone what she "knew" the "real" ingredients were-NOT my favorite kid. Ok, apparently I'm a lot ticked by them. Grrr. The party as a whole, though, success!

Friday Favorite- The Do Bar

I had a life changing experience Thursday. (Maybe a very slight over-statement.) *The three men who read this blog may want to stop reading, unless you want to knwo the sceret to beautiful hair. It is importnat that you know that- of the many things I am capable of- blow drying my hair is not one of them. Sure, I can blow dry my hair dry. I can not however, blow dry my hair beautiful. I can't even come close. I even begged my friend T to give my pointers so I can get my hair to look like hers---on a very good day, when I am trying REALLY hard, I can get about 1/4 of the way there. Anyhow, I have an interview today (cross your fingers), so I wanted to try something different. I got a lunch-time blow-out. Y'all. Amazing. It took less than 30 minutes and my hair is now shiny, happy, and awesome. I went to the Do Bar in Houston and highly recommend it (my stylist was Sophie and she was awesome). Why haven't I done this before? Of course I've gotten my hair styled after being cut, but never on a random Thursday, no cut no color. It is a revelation. I can have pretty hair! With little to no effort on my part! Sign me up. Like my friend Pam says, a good blow-out can change your life. Ok, maybe she said day, but whatever. Life changing! You better believe I'm getting my hair done at the Do Bar routinely now.

The Do Bar- my Friday Favorite.

Monday Musings

I think I have a spray paint injury---and red feet. I also have a great start to a fabulous Harry Potter 8th Birthday party.

One of my daughter's friends wants a Barbie birthday party "just like M" I feel totally vindicated in all my planning for that party! Also, I told our friend that I have ALL the decorations saved for her.

I thought the Nancy Drew invite would be my favorite. The Barbie invite was pretty cool too. Nope-Harry Potter invite was amazing. I'm really excited to give my daughter an amazing party

I've been on about a million interviews and can't talk about myself anymore. I know. Hard to imagine.

After much whining and tantruming, My children were recently introduced to a little game I like to call "Let's clean the baseboards!" They did not like the game. Nor did they like my answer to this question- "Mommy, why are you making us clean?"- "Because you are my own little Cinderellas." Plus side, they didn't complain about being bored again.

6 continues to be the sassiest, whiniest year. I don't know why 2 gets such a bad rap.

As it turns out, all it takes to make me feel accomplished is to hang a few things around the house!

Friday Favorite- Orla Kiely and method

It seems I've become a one-posting pony lately. You know, life-kids, party planning, house projects, interviews, just too much happening all at once. Luckily I found something great at Target the other day-gotta love Target.

It is well known that I love Orla Kiely. When I saw the Orla Kiely- method collaboration at Target I might have squealed a little bit. Yes, I get excited by soap. Whatever, it's so cute. I bought the only ones left at my local store-a couple of the pear design. And, then MAYBE I came home and ordered several more versions! Now my hands smell lovely and my soap looks pretty. Double win. *YMMV-my kids and husband do NOT approve of the Chai scent pictured above. Apparently it "stinks."

Orla Kiely & method- my Friday Favorite