Oscars Red Carpet-All the Pretty

The Oscars! Hollywood brought the pretty. I loved looking at the gorgeous dresses, hair and OH MY GOD the jewels. Also, YEA for Matthew McConnahubbahubba's triumphant return to the red carpet. Matthew, I have missed your hotness....Sorry, a little drool on the keyboard there. There's quite a bit to say about Sunday's ceremony. Poor Anne Hathaway. My family loves Anne Hathaway (we watch a lot of Ella Enchanted and The Princess Diaries), but that hosting gig was rough. I think she tried to overcompensate for James Franco being bored/drunk/tired? At least she looked awesome.
As my husband said to my daughter yesterday, the Oscars are "Mommy's Super Bowl." Yes, it is. Here are a few of my favorite looks:
Sanda Bullock. Yowza. A Vera Wang. I wasn't too keen on a bustle, but she's one of the few people in the world who can pull of a bustle and she DID. She looked fabulous.
Mila Kunis. Bow howdy is this a dress to get you noticed. I saw today that Halle Berry has worn the dress before (in red). Halle looked rather boudoir in the red version. I think this color looks so much nicer. Beautiful. Also, I love her hair. Her presenting bit with Justin Timberlake was kind of weird though.
Natalie Portman. Classy. Lovely color. I'm not a huge fan of the earrings and prom shoes. But, overall the effect is lovely.
Mandy Moore. LOVED. So pretty.
Halle Berry. Finally. Halle is actually wearing a dress not a Frederick's of Hollywood outfit. Pretty. Gorgeous.
Marissa Tomei. This was her after-Oscar dress. I'm picking it because I thought her Oscar dress was a little schizophrenic-it couldn't decide if it was a sweet retro dress or a rampaging bridesmaid dress. This, however, is awesome. I love the color and the silhouette. Love it.
These are some of my favorites. I have some that I was not fond of (namely Melissa Leo and her lace doily disco ball). What were your favorites?

Images via stylebistro, AP Photo Mark J. Terrill, gofugyourself, projectrungay

Bad Boys, Bad Boys- When you gotta laugh

Smell the Power!
If you have school age children, you've received the dreaded school calls. Why doesn't the school ever call you and say, "You know what? Your kid is having a fabulous day. Just wanted to let you know." Nope..It's always a tale of someone throwing something at someone, or (most frequently with M) someone getting hurt. Friends of a friend received this email last week. I'm pretty sure it was an email because the principal had to be laughing the whole time he typed it!

This email is to inform you of a behavior event that has been recorded for your child (David (*not the real name)). The details of the event are listed below:
Reported By: (redacted)
Violation: Inappropriate comments Description: Inappropriate comments/behavior: David put his hands in his pants, pulled them out, told a fellow student to "smell the power", and then tried to touch him with his hands.

Friday Favorite- New Sheets

Photo-Crate & Barrel

I have been steadily working on finishing our master bedroom. Going with a new color scheme means new sheets. After much searching, I found a set that are purple and graphic, but not too eye-searingly graphic- this pair at Crate and Barrel. On sale. And Marimekko. That's like a triple bonus right there. So far I'm really pleased with the sheets and love the way the pattern looks against the curtains. I forgot to get a picture before changing the sheets. Oops. Sorry, I am not going to re-make the bed for a picture! Now I'm kind of obsessed with getting more of these sheets, like maybe this pair. It's funny how a set of sheets can make such a difference in the room.

These sheets from Crate & Barrel are my Friday Favorites today.

Rock Star -Rock Out Party: Follow-Up

Ok, enough being upset about missing my race. What would make me happy?! Hmm, party planning. Since I don't have a big party in the works right now, I found a few pictures from my daughter's 6th Rocking Birthday to share. I've shown you the invitations, decor, and a few activities. Here is a little bit on the rest of the party.

I wanted to give the guests to feel like Rockstars in training-each received a VIP pass and lanyard when they entered the party. Then, it was on to Hair & Make-up where they got hair "extensions" and tattoos. The art activity was to decorate instruments and microphones.After the rockstars were dressed and in tune, the girls hit the "stage" to do a little karaoke to Disney's Wii Sing It! game (next time I'd get the Disney movie version. The game we used was a little advanced for the majority of the girls).
We followed with a little musical note musical chairs (laminated musical notes) followed by a Silly String fight. What better way to prepare these little rockstars for hotel room demolition than by demolishhing some silly string?! The girls (and adults) had a blast. I'm definitely adding Silly String to our parties.
The grand "finale." Well. usually it would be. The cake. I think this cake was a little better than my "fairy toadstool" version. But, still, cakes are my downfall. Good thing that the kids don't seem to mind too much, yet!

Ah, now I feel much better. Parties always make me smile...even when the cake doesn't look that appetizing!

Crushed Expectations

This picture was not what I had planned for today's post.
I planned today's post for months. I was FINALLY going to finish a half marathon. I set a goal to run a half marathon almost a year and a half ago (Damn you Life List #32). After registering for the Napa 1/2 and canceling due to my daughter's Mystery Diagnosis (still unsolved), then canceling the San Antonio 1/2 because I am an idiot who can't read a calendar, I was going to finish the Austin 1/2 this Sunday. I was anxious, nervous, but totally ready. Ok, maybe not totally ready. I was however, very much ready to cross the goal off my list. And then... my daughter came down with the flu, my husband went out of town, and I was left with trying to rearrange schedules so that I could still travel to Austin. Just about the time I had things lined up so I could run, I came down with the crud. Crap. Are you kidding me universe? Another failed entry. I am so frustrated. I'm beyond disappointed. I probably would have cried if I had the energy, but I was really sick Saturday. I WILL finish a half marathon and I WILL accomplish this before my birthday in April. However, I'll make sure that the next race I register for is based in Houston and that my husband does not travel anywhere, and have a double back-up for child care, and make sure that I walk around with a mask and Purell everything in sight the week before...I'm not going to tell anyone about the next race just so I don't jinx anything. Well, I'll probably tell T who has been supporting me through all this running nonsense!

*The picture is of my fabric flowers, completed while nursing my daughter back to health and watching 8 million episodes of "Wizards of Waverly Place" on Friday.

Friday Favorite- Define Body

I kept reading articles and tweets and posts about what a great work-out everyone was getting from ballet barre based exercise classes. I did a little research (a.k.a. Googling) and found a studio in Houston, Define, that offered similar classes. Holy Heck, y'all. AWESOME. My first class was really good and I felt pretty good after. I could tell that my muscles were being worked in new, good ways. The second class nearly killed me. Ouch. I love the classes. This weekend Define is hosting a "Single Ladies" dance class where they are teaching the moves to Beyonce's dance/video. How fun! If I wasn't prepping for my half-marathon on Sunday (EEEK!), I'd be there in a flash. I'll be back in next week (assuming I make it through the half-marathon in one piece) after my muscles recover. Define is my new favorite exercise activity and my Friday Favorite.

Love Thursday- Write your Love

For a household that's not that "into" Valentine's day, we certainly have a good show of Love this year! Words of love...and maybe a recording of Chewbacca, I can't think of anything more LOVEly. Happy Love Thursday.

Happy Love Day

My husband hates Valentine's day. No, really. He hates it. It's not a huge deal. We still have our anniversary. Since I never have to look for any gift or special celebration for us on Valentine's Day, it leaves me free to make all sorts of projects and treats for my kids. This year the girls and I made these lollipops, barrettes similar to these, and wiggly eye pencil toppers for the boys (no tutorial, but easy & cute). I'm also about 1/2 way through these flowers for the teachers (oops!). I over-Martha Stewarted the holiday and under-estimated the time I'd need. It isn't the first time that has happened and won't be the last time, I'm sure.

I watched two of my all-time favorite romantic movies while finishing the projects- The Notebook and Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightley version). I thought it might be fun to share our top 10 Favorite romantic movies. In no particular order:

The Notebook
Pride & Prejudice
Hope Floats
When Harry Met Sally
An Affair to Remember
The Time Traveler's Wife
Steel Magnolias (I'm counting a mother's love)
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Gone With The Wind

Wow, that went fast. There are at least ten others I love to watch (like Emma, Sense and Sensibility, and Love Actually). What are some of your favorite romantic movies?

Friday Favorite- MAC Wonder Woman WOW

Photos: MAC Cosmetics, Nordstrom.com

It's well settled how much I love Wonder Woman. I think we all also know my addiction to make-up (What? I like the pretty). Earlier this week I found out that MAC has a new line out based on...WONDER WOMAN. It's total genius. For me, at least. I love the packaging on the MAC line. It's retro and funky and perfectly WONDERful. I also love the design of their marketing campaign for this line. LOVE. In fact, I'd use that top ad picture for my blog header if it wasn't against some copyright law. If you'll excuse me, I have a trip to make to the MAC counter!

MAC's new Wonder Woman make-up line, my Friday Favorite.

Monday Evening Quarterback... of commercials

I've been caught by February. I'm in the midst of finishing my training for the Austin Half Marathon (less than 2 weeks! EEEK!), class valentines, work, etc. I did finish something-watching the Super Bowl last night. Today I have to highlight something I'm sure you've all seen, but it cracks us up. My family and I keep watching this video over and over again. I present, Mini Darth Vader and the VW Super Bowl commercial. Kind of makes me wish we weren't a Honda household.

Friday Favorite- Funky Found Furniture

I've been working on finding pieces to complete decorating our house. I saw this ammunition crate turned side table via Design Mom and thought-"Well, that's perfect." It would be such a funny nod to my hunter husband. I like my decor to be eclectic, so this might actually work in our living room...hmm. I also love that the folks behind Recreate use found objects and repurpose them. Today's Friday Favorite goes to Recreate and their inventive Ammo Side Table.

Love Thursday- A Sign of Love

This Love sign from House*Tweaking is perfect. I love that it acts as her headboard. It reminds me of a rustic sign we had at our rehearsal dinner. I think this Love sign might inspire a little project for our master bedroom...hmm. Have you found anything lately especially inspiring? Please share. Hope you find Love and inspiration today for Love Thursday.