Friday Favorite- Cabo part 1

Our hotel room was INSANE. From the view to the private plunge pool (oh yeah) to beer and guac delivered every evening. Perfect. I really loved the decor of the hotel. I basically want to redo our entire house to look like the hotel. The bathroom was no exception. Here's part of it. INSANE.
The thing I really loved about the bathroom was the line of toiletries the hotel used, Neil George. Oh my goodness, the smell is divine. You have no idea how amazing. I thought about stuffing everything in my suitcase, but it was already too full. Anyhow, the lotion. I adore it. It smells like unicorns and rainbows...and beer and guac.

Friday Favorite- Neil George lotion

Mid-week Mexico

Today was gloomy and overcast with partial crappiness. I kept staring at this picture to motivate me to keep going. A little mid-week Mexico pick-me-up!
View from Cabo San Lucas-a couple weeks ago

Monday Musings

I've been gone and doing things like catching a couple Mahi Mahi (Dorado) off the coast of Mexico, traveling for work, and finishing my 5th half marathon. So, I have thoughts-let's dive right in.

I've been in airports so much lately that I got a little cocky. I packed for my last business trip in record time, got everything arranged, flew through my flights, had a great day of meetings, and then noticed that I left ALL my toiletries in another state.

The Nashville airport is a little laid back Hollywood. Last week's celebrity sighting was Eric Close (Connie Britton's character's husband in "Nashville"). So cute and laid back. He was in my TSA line. So, apparently Stars fly on Southwest too!

Traveling so often makes me really dislike people who don't. You know, the ones who get in the security line and are SHOCKED that they can't bring liquids through.

On that note, I am totally grossed out by people who walk through security in their bare feet. That is disgusting. Who knows what has happened on that floor.

Since I've started traveling so much, I've read more books in the last four months than I have in the past couple of years. My favorite is "Unbroken," completely gripping.

It's Girl Scout cookie time. At this moment we have 4 boxes of different cookies open. I believe in buying in bulk and my daughter's troop is very glad about that!

The best part of any 1/2 marathon is when I see my husband and kids. The race I ran was smaller, so there were hardly any spectators which is a bummer. Seeing my family and their handmade sign really kept me moving.

I miss Mass to run and the Pope resigns?! Ok, I get the memo!