Bad Influence

I have recently been taking some "mommy time." It took five years, but I am finally taking some time now and then just for me. While my husband showed off his awesome dad skills a couple weeks ago when he handled the "high collision impact staples ER trip," I've discovered what he's been up to. He's been training the girls to repeat certain choice phrases, witness this discussion between Em and M this night.

Em to her younger sister, "M, show me your guns." M makes a strong arm pose. "No, you have to go like this (raises her right arm up in classic arm muscle pose) Bam, (raises her left arm in classic arm pose) Bam."

Lovely. I then ask my husband, Um, exactly why are the girls discussing their "guns?" His response, "Oh, I've been training them." He later added that he's trying to get them to call their arms "Thunder" and "Lightning." Nothing says classy quite like two little girls talking about their "guns." I may never leave him alone with the children again.

Sometime my friend Alex needs to share her "gun" story.


  1. That is hilarious and to picture your two sweet little ones talking about their guns is just too much! Maybe your hubby needs more time out with the guys. :-)

  2. What story???
    xoxo, ignorant

  3. T,
    Definitely not more time out with the guys, maybe he needs a little more training in dolls and dress up!!

    Don't tell me you forgot about the tickets to the gun show?! That was a classic story.

  4. Am I crazy? I know Cash used to talk about his tickets.... but I don't remember any specific story. Shoot, early dementia.


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