A Year in review? Yeah, right.

I was going to do a year in review, or a list of Favorites, or something "bloggery,"but, really? Who are we kidding? Set an attainable goal- so, how about 12 things I learned this year? Yup. Can do. In no particular order.

1) Chalk pen does NOT. I repeat, does NOT come off of a chalkboard wall. Yup, tried that and that. Trust. I tried everything. I finally painted over it. All those people with cutesy-Pinteresty-chalkboards using chalk pens?- I call BS that they ever change them.

2) My daughter is an even bigger Longhorn fan than I am. Her Longhorn fervor pleases me to no end. She's 7 and can name everyone on the football team. Watching football games with her is an absolute riot.

3) Having two kids in soccer is exhausting. They are only 7 and 9. And, y'all, soccer season WORE us all out. Here, there, chairs, snacks, uniforms, and cleats. Oy.

4) Good wine is worth it.

5) Any getaway is totally worth it.

6) Do not trust Apple when they tell you that all the photos you've taken, but haven't synced because of a software issue with your phone, will be available after they guru it. Lies.

7) I finally got the hang of blow drying my own hair. this is truly red-letter news. It took me a ridiculously long time and tons of practice to figure it out-thank you to youtube and Jodifur (buy any hair thing she recommends).

8) I'm addicted to sheath dresses. They are my kryptonite.

9) Long and short of it- I'm glad Mack is gone. It was past time. I won't deny he brought the program back to national prominence (I lived through Mackovic), but, this is Texas, and there is no reason we shouldn't be national contenders every year. Don't even get me started on QB issues...My personal pick, Gus Malzahn seems to be out of consideration. Nobody ever asks my opinion-hmph!

10) At one point this Fall, our garage hosted a deer head in a cooler and a dead frozen badger in our freezer. Sadly neither surprised me.

11) This year was my concert year, I saw tons of great entertainers- Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Lenny Kravitz. Totally fun.

12) I hacked the heck out of Ikea and stalked Craigslist like a champ. As a result, I am thisclose to having the awesomest Liberace Lounge/Funky Family Room ever. SO close. (Thanks, Emily for all the consults!)