Extra time, Extra Projects

My family has really enjoyed this Holiday break. The girls and I have worked on an number of art projects, puzzles, and games. My husband completely cleaned and reorganized the garage. Hopefully that will last! I was able to edit all our photos from Christmas and reorganize some of the closets inside. Along the way we managed to watch most of the bowl games. But, the best was a fun surprise on tv yesterday, it was New Year's Slay-Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on all day. It was awesome. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Buffy. Watching Buffy is the reason I do not get the whole Twilight thing now-it's basically a cheap version of Buffy and Angel. Vampire who doesn't kill people, protecting the girl he loves, battles against evil....pretty much Buffy. Only Angel is way hotter than Edward and Buffy is way more interesting than Bella. Of course I couldn't watch it all day since I have children and it's not really the most appropriate thing for young children to watch. Although I do love Buffy's message about women being able to stand up for themselves, value of friends, etc. etc. I make no apologies, that was a great series and I was so sad when it ended, Angel too (although that got weird at the end).

My point was that there are certain shows and movies that I have to watch when they come on: Buffy being the show and Pride and Prejudice, Lara Croft, Mummy and Mr & Mrs. Smith being the movies. Are there any shows or movies that you get sucked in when they are on?

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