Friday Favorite- The Bloggess' Book

Most everyone knows about Jenny and how I think she is one of the nicest people I've met. Also, hilarious. You probably already know that she's written a kick-ass book (#1 New York Times Bestseller List for non-fiction). This week I was able to see Jenny on her book tour. I was not surpred by the huge crowd she drew. I was really interested to see who showed up--and what they were like. It was the strangest assortment of people, literally a cross section across all groups. It was sort of bizarre and bizarrely fitting. Shoutout to the fashion blogger contingent rocking the pastels and neon, you all looked awesome and have pretty hair. Note to self-buy neon purse. Jenny gave a short reading from the book; I doubt there are many authors who could be so charming while reading about GI issues. As always, Jenny was gracious, kind, and deserving of all the adoration she received. I'm here to tell you that this book is unlike anything I've read. It is funny and crass and sweet and sad all at once. It will make you laugh. It will probably make you cry. It also made me feel better about my parenting missteps because-seriously- a magic squirrel-that's just wrong. Jenny said it took her twelve years to write the book, it was worth it. If you haven't bought it yet, get it now!

My Friday Favorite- "Let's Pretend This Never Happened."

Monday Musings- Animal Hunts

I had an unanticpated crash course in animal life this weekend. My observations are courtesy of hours spent watching "Chimpanzee"and "Frozen Planet."

Did you know that chimpanzees eat other monkeys? I forgot about that...until we were watching the chimpanzee hunt a monkey in the movie. (Don't worry, it's not graphic.)

Em looked over at me with big eyes and asked incredulously, "Mommy, are they going to EAT another monkey?!!"

Killer whales are no joke people. I am equal parts sad for the seal and impressed by the whales' coordinated hunting.

Have you watched "Frozen Planet"? It's really interesting. There was one episode where the Inuit (I believe) go out to the edge of the ice two days a year, the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox, wait for the tide to go out at exactly the right moment (it takes soemthing like 6 hours). Once the waters recede, they get into the newly formed ice caverns below to hunt for mussels. They have 30 minutes before the tide comes back and drowns them. CRAZY. You've got to like mussels A Lot to do that.

Friday Favorite-Coral & Pink

So, that was a bummer of a week (RIP Skipper, you were a good cat). Even worse for my husband, it's like he had a little black cloud over his head all week. Onto something light & fluffy.

One of my girls favorite activities is for me to paint their nails. Woo! We lead an exciting life. As a result, we have ninetykabillion kinds of nail polish. I just got a new color called Trout Pout. It was kind of difficult to track down. Nobody had it locally. I ended up having to order it online. Grumble. But, super pretty. This color is reserved for mama only.
I can't wait to pair my coral/pink nails with my colored jeans-identified as the same ones Princess Catherine wore! I'd like to know if hers gape out when she bends down too because I do not like showing my knickers to everyone. I need a royal tailor to fix that. Maybe I'll add this scarf from Anthropologie to try to complete the Princess look?

Coral & Pink, my Friday Favorite.

Monday Musings- Mulch and Manure

This weekend my husband was hard at work on the yard. He used an aerator, continued our planting from last weekend, mulched, and spread compost. At one point, our girls were being crazy, rolling around on the yard. He noticed that they were rolling around on top of where he spread the compost. The compost that contains manure. Y-e-a-h. When he told the girls, Em shrugged her shoulders and said, "Well, it's not like we won't get clean later in the bath." Lovely.

Not as funny, but more icky, we are giving home hospice care to one of our cats. We narrowly avoided having to put him down this weekend. After spending a lot of time at the vet, we got him well enough to come home. This is probably his last week with us and we're all upset. This particular cat has been with my husband for about 16-17 years. I've only been with my husband for 13 years!

Well, maybe not all of us are upset about the cat's imminent passing. While we were discussing kitty heaven, Em's eyes filled with tears. Her sister then asked "When the cats die, can we get goldfish?"

Friday Favorite- Garden and Gun

This Favorite post may come as a shock to...well, nobody who knows me or reads this! Several months ago my kids were selling magazines for school. I hate selling things for school, etc, except Girl Scout cookies-that's a community service! So, I needed to find magazines to order. I saw "Garden and Gun" and thought...well, OK, I guess. And, y'all.

I Love it. It's like Southern Living and Elle had a baby. A cute Southern baby. Great photography, interesting articles, recipes, travel ideas. There are also articles and advertisements for guns, gun clubs, and hunting areas. It's the one magazine my husband and I both read and enjoy! It's the type of thing that makes you proud to be Southern. Amen. Now, go out and get yourself a subscription, ya hear?!

*As with all my Friday Favorite posts, I was not paid for this endorsement. I just really love this magazine.

Garden & Gun-my Friday Favorite

Monday Musings

Musings a.k.a Brain Dump

I know I'm sick when my eyelids are hot. My husband thinks that is weird.

I'm beyond upset that I didn't win the lottery. Even worse, I only got 2 numbers out of about 10 tickets!

Yes, I know I had a minuscule chance, but I was ALL kinds of excited about it.

My birthday is in April; I love getting all the birthday discounts and freebies in the mail.

I do not love getting all the lame reminders- like getting all my CLE hours completed.

I keep forgetting that I can fast forward during taped TV. You have NO idea how many times I forget this.

I used juice boxes to pour myself juice the other day. My 21 year old self died of embarassment (after she peed herself laughing, I'm sure).

I'm not the only one who always wants Chick Fil A on Sunday, am I?

We're planning a beach vacation at the end of the summer and I literally can not wait. I keep day dreaming about it. Serious Spring fever.

We have never dyed Easter Eggs with our kids. They think all Easter eggs are plastic. It's environmentally friendly, sure. But, the real reason I do it is because I think hard boiled eggs are disgusting.

Egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, and pimento cheese- all GROSS.

Lunches and dinners with friends are good for your soul.

It takes me forever to make home decor purchases. This weekend, my husband "encouraged" me to purchase a chair we've needed. It seriously stressed me out to make a decision that quickly.

I might have changed my mind on the fabric today.

Ok, I did.