It's a Mystery

I disappeared for a few days, nothing too nefarious going on. Just got busy planning a Nancy Drew detective/mystery party for a certain 7 year old girl.

Nancy Drew was a semi-last minute party theme (changed a couple weeks ago from Harry Potter.) Obviously my kid LOVES to read! I was a bit worried about the theme, but it turned out "Terrific." The power of google saves the day. I'll share more ideas later. I have to say that each party we throw is my favorite, but this one was really fun. Definitely a great theme for the 7-9 year old set!

Texas Football

I have a slideshow up on Kirtsy!! I'd love for you all to stop by and see some amazing images that fuel one of my passions. It's not all about Longhorn football either! Go see. Thanks, Kirtsy women for indulging my passion.

Friday Favorite- BHLDN

You know how Anthropologie is just fun-there’s so many pretty things to look at and try on? And how you feel special and pretty and like a girl just walking in? Well, take that and multiply by about a million and you’ll get close to what it’s like at BHLDN. BHLDN is pure spun glitter sugar- like a perfect macaroon (which they served me on a silver platter-Hello!)I was just going to tell you about my favorite dress of the moment. But, since BHLDN is so new, I thought there might be some brides to be who would appreciate a full run-down to see if the dresses and store are worth it (Cliff Notes version- YES!). *Warning-This is a long post, but the pictures are pretty!* BHLDN is literally breathtaking when you walk in. Every single detail has been thought through. I could have photographed every inch of their space and still not adequately conveyed the feeling of each room. The entrance welcomes you in with a quirky, yet grand flair. The sales staff immediately warmly greeted me; they were the very definition of southern hospitality. They really set the stage for my entire experience. I was not disappointed. *I did not tell anyone that I was going to post anything about the store and my experience, though they gave me full permission to take as many pictures as I wanted.*

After the amazing entryway, you walk into the Blue Room. The Blue Room is full of shoes, accessories, and various adornments (capes, necklaces, etc). I fell in love with the Polka Dot D’Orsays from Bettye Mueller. They are too much- vintage fabric, blue and white. A bride could meet both Something Old and Blue with these. If I had ANYTHING that would have fit these, I would have snatched them up. Maybe not for the price, but I would have thought about it really hard!

Before we got into trying on any dresses, I told my SA, Bobbine (?) what I was looking for- evening dresses, at least one in a shorter length for a Texas themed charity gala. I need the dresses to be special but not too revealing since it is a work-related function. I like a vintage silhouette (no big surprise that the 2 dresses I liked most mirrored designs from the 1950s/60s and the 70s). I also prefer saturated colors. When my dresses were ready, I was led back to the salon through the hall of wedding dresses. Y’all. Just. WOW. Breathtaking. It’s been 10 years since I was in a bridal salon, but I don’t remember it being this breathtaking. The gowns are not only displayed in an amazing fashion, but also are amazing fashions. One of my favorites is the Pinwheel Tea Dress, remarkably similar to Jacqueline Kennedy’s wedding dress; which I have always admired. If I were getting married, this would be a heavy contender. Gorgeous.

I tried the Metropolis dress on-technically a wedding dress, but my SA thought the silhouette and length would work well. I LOVED the silhouette and the beading is gorgeous. BUT, there at the middle, where there is a cute cutout? Yeah, that is way open, so when you are talking to someone they basically see your chest. Not cool.

The Ophelia dress is another one that has lovely detailing but definitely chest-acular. The lace has a really pretty sheen/shimmer on it. I can imagine that this would make a great prom or party dress if: 1) you WANTED everyone to see your chest or 2) you altered the dress to include similar lace or a fabric insert up top. I am unwilling to buy a dress in this price range and then have to make modifications.

The Tulle Era dress is technically a wedding dress-but this dress is exactly what I love- a vintage silhouette, interesting details, shimmery, shiny, unique. It was just lovely-all except one tiny detail. But, first, the lovely- the detailing is exquisite. Really well done. This is a Tracey Reese, and she worked in cute little rhinestone buttons all down the back and at the sleeves. If you wore this at your wedding, your guests would thank you for giving them something so lovely to look at during the ceremony. GORGEOUS. But, the sleeves are itchy. Like, really extremely itchy. I think removing the sleeves could easily modify this, but that loses part of the charm of the dress. For $2,400, I’m glad I didn’t fall in love with this dress. Pretty though. SO pretty. (Aside- Dude, what is my hair doing here? Augh. Bad hair day, cute dress)

Next up was the Ribboned Silk Gown in green. My verdict- overly fussy. It looked like a Project Runway dress. I mean that it looked like it was trying so hard to impress you. It had all the bells and whistles- cut on a bias, pleating, draping, ruffles…just too much. It wasn’t me. But, I can imagine this would be a beautiful wedding dress, especially in an outdoor wedding.

Finally the Vivid Fuschia Maxi Dress. This is my dress. It was the dress that sang to me when I put it on. I have never been a big fan of maxi-dresses since they can often look sloppy. This dress changed my mind. It was forgiving enough to allow me to eat at an event, but flowed beautifully when I walked. It didn’t just look like a maxi-dress; it looked like an evening gown. I loved the color, the fit, and the price tag isn’t too bad for an evening dress. I didn’t leave with it since it will not work for my Texas ball at all- I tried this on with 2 ½ inch heels (the Bow Topped Slingbacks) and it really needs the extra height. Also, the necklace they added, the Queen Anne's Lace necklace, was insane. This whole look? LOVED. Loved, did I say that? LOVED.

I can’t say enough nice things about the store itself or the people who work there. Anthropologie really outdid itself. This store is fantastic (I only wish they had a few more formal gowns that fit my needs, COLOR BHLDN, more color would be nice). My SA recently called me to let me know that some new dresses arrived in the silhouette I like, so maybe one of those will fit my needs and my budget! So, that’s my review and my favorite. If you are a bride, get thee to BHLDN. If you are going to any type of formal event, get thee to BHLDN. If you want to feel really pretty, get thee to BHLDN. I’m so happy this store opened in my town. I hope someone I know gets married soon so I can share BHLDN with them. If you are reading this looking for fit answers on any dress, let me know, I tried on many more than what is listed.

BHLDN is my newest favoritest store. Definitely my Friday Favorite.

Life in a List

Not to be confused with a Life List. I have all these ideas and no time, or time but no ideas. So, you get a list. Exciting, I know.
  • I was going to blog, but then it was Sunday, 9/11 and it deserved Something. I didn't have something. I wrote and erased and wrote and erased.
  • My husband took Em hunting this weekend. She said she had a blast, until she came home and saw that I painted her sister's nails. Then, she said "She got her nails painted and all I got was a mosquito bite."
  • I had a Groupon for a Keratin/Brazilian Blow-out. I was really excited to have pretty, pretty Breck girl hair. It's been about a month and- eh. I think I'll be going natural.
  • I made the CUTEST birthday invitations ever. Even the printing guy was impressed. Credit where it's due-here.
  • I am loving the new color in the girls' room. The perfect girls' room color. Shout out to my friend Heidi for painting and repainting with me!
  • Cross-Fit is no joke. My super fit friend, Karla, ended up in the hospital after a work-out. That is unreal. Scary stuff.
  • I am really loving hearing "McCoy to Shipley" commentary at Texas Football games again. Also hoping to hear more "Touchdown-Texas!"
  • I went to Michael's to get supplies for a couple projects. I made a special trip so I could use my 50% off coupon. I was sort of ticked to find out that what I needed was on sale for 60% off, so I couldn't use my coupon. Um, yeah...50% off or 60% off. Not too bright.
  • It's hard to find a good dustbuster.
  • I spent an hour looking for my address book. My organization system sucks.
  • Photoshop drove me to drink. Anyone know of any great classes, books, or tutorials?

Craft Day- Silhouette Success!

I loved having an extra day this weekend, I got to snuggle my sweet baby nephew, do some shopping, swimming, and finally some crafting! This weekend the girls and I worked on the cutest art project. Silhouette projects are all over, literally everywhere. I love the idea of silhouettes, but never found exactly what I wanted to do. I saw a monogram using dot paint (I believe it was on kirtsy) and thought, hmm...well, that's the start of an idea. I could do silhouettes using dot paints (I must say I thought that was a brilliant idea). We recently repainted and redecorated the girls' room (more pictures & posts coming, it is seriously cute!). The new room is great but needed a few personal touches.

I had a couple extra canvases lying around, so I decided to use them. I took a profile picture of each girl, magnified it and taped around the picture on a canvas. I found that the easiest way to do this is to tape all over the canvas, then trace around the picture and just cut around the picture. I gave each girl a huge selection of paint colors and dot brushes and let them go crazy.

Here they are in the drying stage. I found it really interesting that each girl had exactly the same colors, but their paintings look completely different.

I think the end result is adorable.

I'm linking this project up because I LOVE it so!

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Friday Favorite-Game Day Outfit

FOOTBALL starts tomorrow!!!! I'm so excited. (Prayer- Please, Lord, let this season be better than last season. I know that isn't too hard since last season was a (Greg Davis) abomination. I'm not going to be greedy. How about just a 10 win season? Like we used to have? AMEN)

To get ready for some football, let's talk football fashion.

A couple months ago, Karen introduced me to Striped Shirt. As it turns out, Karen's friend, Laura, came up with a way to fill the gap in fan-fashion. By that I mean, Laura figured out a way to make a shirt that real women can wear to a football game, the grocery store, the park, etc without looking like a walking billboard or worrying about things showing that shouldn't be. That gap is filled by Striped Shirt. I really think these shirts are a gift to female fans everywhere. I love to dress up for game day. In the South you HAVE to dress up for game day. That's not to say that I don't have t-shirts emblazoned with a 13-0 record, or proclaiming 2005 National Champions (of course, I do!). But, I don't really wear those out and about. Truth be told, I mostly wear those to annoy my OU fan husband! I have dresses that I wear to games-yes, it's a Southern thing. But, I had no nice t-shirts for game day. I was excited to be provided with an Orange & White t-shirt to review and I love it.

Foremost I love that it is an alternative to game day dressing that doesn't involve a logo emblazoned across my body, or involve glitter, or ride up when I put my arms up for that Touchdown! Or yell at the ref. I also love that the shirt has held up really well to multiple wearings and washings. As is my practice, I wanted to take my (*free) Striped Shirt out before I reported to y'all. I've worn this short several times, washed, etc. The colors have stayed true and there has been no shrinkage or pilling. The best part is that the shirt is SUPER soft. Like ridiculously soft and actually very light and airy. It has become one of my go-to tops. Striped Shirt doesn't have every team color yet, but several big ones are there. I'm planning on getting another Orange and White shirt for M and a Crimson and White shirt for Em (she supports her daddy's Sooners!). I forgot to mention, the shirts are all under $20. At that price, you can get a whole conference worth of shirts...if you know what conference your team is in! I'll definitely keep wearing this top. I'm thinking it will be adorable with a khaki shirt, some brown boots and a belt for game day. I'll definitely be wearing it when we drive up for the TX v OU game this year!

My Friday Favorite- Striped Shirt

*I was provided a Striped Shirt free of charge. However, all the views represented in this post are my own. I really love this fashionable way to support your favorite team without looking like a walking billboard. Plus, I'm using my own money to buy more, so that should tell you something!