Catalog Inspiration

Now that Christmas is over, another onslaught of catalogs has started. This time, I don't mind the amount of catalogs as I have already gotten a number of ideas. I see that Pottery Barn is going in a more rustic/farmhouse direction. The Pottery Barn buyers must have been searching the design and decorating blogs this year because they have a number of items that look like they were taken from Layla or the Nester's site:

Along with ideas like the chalkboard wall (I have done it, so easy, so useful). Please don't pay $100 for a chalkboard, it is the easiest project ever!

I love the luminaries.

I also was inspired by the Ballard Designs catalog. They embroidered/monogrammed two bed bolster pillows with "You" and "Me." I think it would be really easy to just use fabric paint instead. I might add that to my craft list for the Spring. I am determined to redo our bedroom this year.

How about you? Any inspiration from catalogs? Do you love to page through them as much as I do?

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