Ice-Snow-pocalypse and Staying Warm

Today marks the second school closure/city closure for "inclement weather" this year. Other than actual hurricanes, this marks the first time Houston has been closed for weather in years. Sadly, we got maybe an inch or so of ice on Friday and some sleet today. No snow, nothing to play with. It's all very frustrating for the girls. What's really funny is that is was snowing when I was working in Tennessee last week and sleeting the week before in Alabama. Needless to say, I was freezing. FREEZING. Taking the advice of the internets and colleagues from colder climates (a.k.a. everywhere other than Houston), I purchased fleece lined tights and leggings (sadly sold out now) for my next business trip. OH MY SO WARM. So incredibly warm. I might have also purchased extra gloves for my carry-on since I left mine in the car last trip. I am ready for my next trip to the frozen, colder climates. I might even be ready for my next trip to Chicago! Highly recommend!