Monday Musings

I am worn out and in the middle of one of those nasty cold/pressure/sinus things. Thankfully that waited to come upon me until after I finished a business trip. Small mercies.

I tried having a teachable moment ala "Lean In" when talking to my daughters about being called "Bossy" at school (totally true, btw). Let's just hope that feminism and leadership soak in over a series of lessons because today I was met with blank stares. Sigh.
*Edited to add*- it sank in! Em just told her sister, "You can either be a leader or be bossy." I'll call that a success.

Can you guess what these are?
Em guessed Dodo birds. Ha!
Baby vultures, found in a hunting blind on the Property. Apparently not pleased to be discovered. There goes my theory that all baby animals are cute.

I travel pretty frequently now and could write a book on lessons and observations learned from business  travel. Chief among them, "Don't be a d---- if you're running late and going to miss your plane to the rest of use who aren't." Directed at the two guys, I rode over in the rental car shuttle with who failed to leave enough time and then pushed through security because of it. D---heads. Followed closely by the guy who came pushing through the final TSA security line (where they scan your stuff) asking to cut in line because he had a flight in 4 minutes. There is NO WAY you are making that flight. Buy a freaking watch.

I just started watching "Downton Abbey" and finished the first season (thank you airport delays---sigh). Can I just say, WTF with O'Brien? And Thomas is a little crap weasel. I hope they both get their comeuppance. My friend Pam told me it only gets crazier for O'Brien from here, so...seriously, I will be so upset if nothing bad happens to her. 

Friday Favorite- Kendra Scott Elle Island Earrings

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I love Kendra Scott. Her jewelry is different enough to be cool, but classic enough that I can wear her pieces to work every day (and often do). In fact, my friend K got me an awesome Kendra Scott purple bracelet for my birthday-she knows me well. I went in a couple weeks ago to buy myself a little birthday present and found these. The new Elle earrings in Brown Pearl. They are so cool.

You can't tell in the picture, but they are mother of pearl and change with the light, based on the clothes you're wearing, etc. I've worn them with lots of different outfits already and they look completely different each time. Really neat. Two enthusiastic thumbs up. There is also a really cool abalone pair in the new collection- beautiful blues and blacks, but those were a little "out there" for me to wear to work. The brown ones are totally wearable in a professional setting (and equally casual). I think the Island collection is only for a limited time so you might want to get a pair this summer!

Kendra Scott Elle brown pearl earrings- my Friday Favorite.