Love Thursday-Art

One of my favorite things about my children is how incredibly creative they are. They love to create for hours on end; drawing, painting, gluing, you name it. Art projects are our favorite activity to do together. Over the past few years, I've been able to observe the evolution of each child's art skills with respect to drawing, from basic circles to a face, to a blob, to actual people and other images. This week both girls brought home pictures of me from school. I love that they think of me while they are in school (I certainly think of them) and make pictures of me and all of us together. Em (above) and M (below) specifically told me that these images are to be posted in my office. I am so proud to show my love for them and their art and their love for me.
Happy Love Thursday-get some crayons out and show your love!

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  1. How cute are those drawings?!! I love how happy they are, always drawing hearts and flowers...such fun little kiddos. :-) I wish I could dedicate an entire wall to N's artwork.


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