Monday Diversion

I know Halloween is everywhere today. But, I just couldn't go with something spooky. I needed pretty and relaxing and the antithesis of...well, life lately. I remarked to a friend yesterday that I think Fall may be the busiest time of year for families. It seems like there is a festival every day. Instead of posting something spooky, I'm posting something serene. A relaxing snapshot from our trip to the Cayman Islands.
Ok, now to get spookified! Happy Halloween.

Friday Favorite- Shoe Perfection


It's not a secret, I love shoes. It seems I'm constantly on the quest for something- the perfect red heel, boot, etc. Lately I've been looking for the perfect walking shoe with a slight heel. I walk my daughters to school every morning. It isn't too far, but far enough that wearing heels is not a desirable option. I only have a few pairs of flats (I'm not really a flats girl), which are OK, except most of my pants are made for heels. This means that I'm either dragging my pants on the ground or pinning them up. At least until I get these, which I think might be the most brilliant thing ever, but I need to try them first-anyway...Neither dragging nor pinning is really what I want to do. So, I've been looking for a wedge. My co-worker recommended the Cole Haan Air Talia wedges. She has moved from exclusively 4 inch+ heels to the Cole Haan Air Talia wedges. She has been trying to convince me to buy a pair for a while and recently forwarded a 25% coupon (Use Code 2011FF + Free Ground Shipping on All Orders Over $150-runs through Monday!), so I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did. These shoes are better than I expected. I thought I'd use them primarily for walking, but they are so COMFORTABLE that I may wear them everywhere. I got the deep burgundy and am seriously considering going back and getting the brown or gray. I like that they are stylish AND comfy; you know it's rare to find both in the same shoe! I'm not going to give up my heels anytime soon (kate spade, I love your heels so!), but I may be adding more wedges in my repertoire. You should definitely invest in a pair of these, you won't be sorry.

My Friday Favorite- Cole Haan Air Talia Wedges

Friday Favorite- State Fair Fried Deliciousness

There is a reason God invented the gym and running. That reason is the Texas State Fair. Oh sure, there are your typical fair foods, the Fletcher's corn dogs and funnel cakes. But, really, why stop there? You must try this- Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack. Sounds sort of unappetizing, right?- WRONG! It is the BEST. Spicy and sweet and totally delicious. I may have had two of these. What?! The game was terrible, I'm a stress eater.This was breakfast-Fried Bacon. I'm not proud...well, maybe a little. What better way to start the day than with a beer and fried bacon?!? It tasted like fried chicken skin with a hint of smoky bacon. In a word-yum. Also, so rich you could only eat one.
While on the hunt for a Fried Pecan Pie or Fried Brownie (we never found them, so sad), we found these little nuggets of goodness, Fried Frito Chili Pie. Again, looks can be deceiving. This was a frito with chili and cheese, dipped in corn batter and fried. Kind of like a queso chili hush puppy. So delicious.

Needless to say, my husband and I have been eating salad all week to atone for last Saturday. It was worth it though. Fried Fair Food- my Friday Favorite!

Texas Fair- Football and Fried Foods

This weekend my husband and I went to Dallas to go to the State Fair to see the Texas v OU "game." I have a love-hate relationship with the game. I LOVE when we win and HATE when we lose! Ha. Obviously this weekend, it was more hate than love. Siiiiiigh.

It's fair to say that this weekend was, in turn, familiar, exhilarating, depressing, even more depressing, really depressing, and fun. I'm glad we went, but next year I'd like to: 1) not sit in the Sooner section, 2) bring in a flask if I'm going to sit in the Sooner section, 3) have my team actually SHOW UP to play the game, and 4) find the elusive deep fried pecan pie. On the plus side, the weekend ended with a day of rain; my interpretation was God was wiping clean the slate or crying over the Longohorn's horrible performance. Either way, it was very welcome.