Kirtsy it up!

I met blogging celebrities.

I went to the Houston Kirtsy Takes a Bow Book signing. The Kirtsy book features a number of my favorite bloggers as authors and contributors. These ladies have given me so many laughs, stories, ideas, and beautiful images over the past several years, I figured it was the least I could do to support them. The ever lovely Laura Mayes was there. If you ever have a chance to meet her in person, take it. She is lovely, really and so stylish and sweet. Also, her little boy is a hoot (and is one of my M’s favorite people). Karen, the blogger responsible for bringing me into the blog world those many years ago was there with Marcus and she remembered me! (The last time I saw her was probably 3 years ago). Karen is just great, really. Gracious, warm, genuine. I also met one of my very favorite bloggers, Jenny from the Blogess. She was so quiet I almost didn’t believe it was her. I felt like such a fan girl. And, she was wearing one of her trademark wigs. I met new bloggers like Lauren from the Mc, she was almost as awe-struck as I was. Again, just a lovely, lovely person and a pleasure to meet her.

The energy was so warm. Kirtsy is such an empowering story of women and connections and pure creativity. It was a pleasure to be there. The event also pushed me to finally start a blog. I hope I have enough to say and maybe one day one of my posts will even show up on Kirtsy?

It was a good warm-up for Saturday when I am taking my Pioneer Woman Cookbook to get signed by Ree! I can hardly wait. I hope to be able to tell her how great her site is and then I love her stories and pictures. Or, I might chicken out…maybe I will bring cupcakes, that way if I make a fool out of myself, I will have chocolate to back me up!!

I am Thankful

Today is a day of thanks for all Americans. I have a lot to be thankful for, I was able to spend a relaxing day with my immediate family. We were thankful because my brother just arrived from his tour of duty in Iraq on Monday, so he was able to be home safe and sound with his wife and young son (cutest nephew). This year also brought my sister back safe from her tour of duty in Afghanistan. We hope this marks the last combat tour for our family for awhile (my dad, brother in law, sister, and brother have all gone to the Middle East or Afghanistan in the past few years!). I'm thankful that I am able to enjoy a wonderful meal with my family, good cooking, great conversation, and enjoy a little football along the way. I am blessed and very thankful. Every day. The little things that we take for granted-kisses from my children, having enough food on the table, health, living free, mean so much more today.

I am thankful for this day and all it brings. The following is a short prayer I said at a recent Thanksgiving celebration: Dear Lord, we offer our thanks today: For our children, each a blessing from you and the hope they represent; for the families gathered here and for our families who can't be with us today. May we all be ever thankful for our blessings. May this food nourish and strengthen us to be better representations of what is good and to always strive to be better.

I'm also thankful that Colt McCoy read my last post and has sent up some bigger passes today. Ok, I'm sure he did not read my last post. But, still, he is super focused tonight-as are the receivers and RBs. Wish we could have a stronger showing, but...May today also bring a Texas victory. Amen

Hook 'em Horns!

Football talk commencing in 3,2,1...
I'm amazed I haven't posted a football post yet. I love talking Texas Football when we are having a good season. I guess the definition of this year's season is confusing me. Technically, the team has had a good season, maybe even great-no losses and currently 3rd in BCS rankings. If we win the final two games of the season, the Texas Longhorns will once again be where they belong, in the National Championship game at the Rose Bowl. That said, I don't think this team is as great as they could be. or, as great as they should be. I think about last year's games and those were more exciting, more spectacular, more gelled. I want that dynamic spirit back. (I still want the wins though!!). I think about the 2005 Championship team and they were just fantastic-all season. Amazing.

I love Colt McCoy, partly because his name is 100% Texas Quarterback. Also, he is crazy accurate and seems like such a great leader and motivator. He's made some great plays, but this year it seems like his receivers are doing most of the work. I want more long passes for scores. I'd like to see more games like Colorado. I think my biggest problem is with the offensive play-calling. Of course, I've had problems with offensive calls in past seasons. Believe me. However, the Texas Defense and Will Muschamp have been fan-freaking-tastic. Love, swoon. Texas D, you are the reason the team has done as well as it has. Those guys rock.

I hope we continue to win out. Statistically we should. But, you never know. If we go to the Big 12, I think Nebraska is going to play hard. There's nothing a team likes more than to upset. (If you think about tit though, teams should root for their conference to be represented int he National Championship game, it can only reflect well on the strength of the Conference. But, I digress. And, yes, I was pissed that Oklahoma was there last year but only because that was OUR SPOT and we was robbed, robbed!!)

I hope to go the the Rose Bowl to watch Texas defeat an Sec team. The 2005 National Championship team won at the Rose Bowl, and they won against the odds. Also, the Texas team beat an USC team with a Heisman quarterback...hmm, similarities. I would be more than happy to see a replay of that game, as long as Colt pulls a Vince Young move at the end of the game to win!!

Those are my thoughts just before the last regular season game. Hopefully we can chalk up another W tomorrow. As one of my friends says, a W is a W, one point or 70 points. God, I love Texas Longhorn Football.

Discount for Folks who Hate to Iron!

Today and Tomorrow Only!

Brooks Brothers is having a great sale on their non-iron, no wrinkle shirts 2/$99 That may not sound like a great deal, but it is worth every penny. I never pay full price for anything, especially clothes. However, these shirts are truly an investment piece. They absolutely live up to their name and have great quality and craftsmanship. A co-worker turned me on to these shirts when I initially thought that there is no way that I would ever, ever, ever pay that much for a shirt. She was 100% correct. Someone at Brooks Brothers has a deal with the devil because the shirts are too good to be true! I have tried other shirts advertised similar to these from major retailers like... cough... BR and JCrew, and even Ann Taylor. But, none even came close to these. Since I have the readership of zero right now, I feel confident that no one will hear about this great deal. But, I plan on posting deals like this in the future, so here it is.

In case anyone ever reads this and you work for Brooks Brothers design, can you expand the color to include brown and red? K thanx bai-kisses.

Favorite Photo 1

I want to start getting a few of my favorite photos out there and this one seemed best today since it is starting to get chillier and chillier every day. I took this photo earlier this year when my husband and I enjoyed a fabulous trip to Hawaii. Hope this takes you to a warmer place, even if it's just in your mind!

Fall Flowers

I saw these gorgeous Hydrangeas in the store today and had to snap a quick picture. The picture does them no justice-deep purple, ruby, perfect for a Thanksgiving table. I may have to go back and pick a few bunches up for Thursday. I love fresh flowers when we are entertaining. Hydrangeas are one of my very favorite flowers and I have not seen hydrangeas so rustic before. You really need to see these in person to fully appreciate, but I hope they brighten your day a bit. Happy Fall everyone.

Add This to Your Gift List!

I intended to post this Friday in case anyone went shopping Black Friday, but failed. Anyhow, this is a wonderful addition to any gift list and a MUST for every woman's closet. A universally flattering and versatile dress. I LOVE, love, la-la-love, pink puffy heart LOVE this dress from Banana Republic. I normally don't spend this much on clothes because I am...ahem, frugal. Even though I got discounts on the dresses (I bought 2!), I would pay full price. They are that awesome. Great for work, then dress up with accessories for going out. I've even worn the dress to a child's birthday party.

*Of course Banana Republic, gap, etc did not pay me for this post. Really, I've been blogging less than a week. Why would they pay me?!

The Poor Didn't Want This One

We have a Thanksgiving Donation basket in our office. I went in last week to make my donation and was very unfortunately reminded about "The Sound of Music." Not because I don't love "The Sound of Music," because I do. Who doesn't? Who can argue with traipsing around Austria singing songs in curtains while teaching history along the way. Well, maybe the Nazis but they don't really count. Anyway... There is a scene in "The Sound of Music" just after Maria arrives at the Von Trapp house where the Captain comments on her dress. Maria states that when she joined the abbey, all her worldly possessions/clothes were donated to the poor. Captain Von Trapp then asks: "What about this one?", Maria: "The poor didn't want this one." I'm paraphrasing, but that's the gist.

So, as I was putting in my box and cans I noticed a few interesting donations that I feel certain belong in the "Poor didn't want this one" category.
1) several jars of spaghetti sauce, that expired two years ago!
2) numerous cans of sardines and anchovies. I am thinking these were donated by the same individual because how many people use sardines and anchovies on a regular basis? A distinct few, I imagine.
3) multiple jars of Dried Beef Product. Ew ew blech, vomit, ew. Yuk. Clear Glass jars containing "Dried Beef Product (DPB)." Exactly what constitutes DPB? Definitely more 'dried' than 'beef' by my observation. It appeared to be something akin to a dried cow's tongue. All gross. I feel nauseous remembering it. So nasty.

If you hear any news reports of widespread illness from "donations" to the Food Bank, you will know which office to blame.

*I donated boxed mac n cheese and soups. All were recently purchased.*

Being an Adult is Hard -#1

When you come into a "bonus" amount of money, from work, from whatever, and you decide to buy the awesome vacuum you've been coveting for months. Which is sadder: that you can't argue it was money well spent, that you coveted a vacuum for months, or that you could have bought an awesome pair of shoes instead?? I have to say, it's been almost a year and you will have to pry my Dyson out of my cold, dead hands.

Yes, I bought it with a coupon, so what??

Who, What, Where, Why, and How?

My first blog post-available to the public. I'm such a perfectionist that I deleted my first several attempts, they were truly heinous. I am a proud Texan, living in a big city, who has no free time between work, family, and various activities. Basically, I am like most people you know. I was introduced to blogging years ago by Karen,, who showed me her Christmas post on Santa at Mass. I was hooked. Now, I would say I am somewhere between addicted and a webfan. So, not pretty! Actually, I find that blogging has been a great idea community for me. I have learned a ton of great photography tips from Karen, MckMama, and Ree to name a few. I have gotten great decorating ideas from Layla, Kimba, and the great minds at ohdeedoh. Mir shows me every day how to save money. And Gabrielle, Kristen, and others provide daily inspiration and ideas.

After enough people encouraged me to start my own blog, I am finally throwing my hat in. We'll see how this goes. While I won't say never, I am not expecting huge traffic, book deals, or cool trips. Although, I will always take chocolate if anyone wants to throw some at me!! I am doing this because, as much as I love my friends, they do not share my obsessions: Longhorn football, decorating, crafting, and pop culture. So, I'm hoping I can find and connect with "my people" online.

What you will likely find is that I am trying to find my voice. I expect that my blog will be a little like Melanie (her husband P and my husband could be separated at birth-except for the whole Aggie thing), a little like T, maybe, on a good day as funny as Jenny (No, I will never be that funny!). It's a learning process and I hope you enjoy the process with me.