Love Thursday-Sickness & Health

I've been sick off and on for the last week and a half. I thought I'd kicked the sickness to the curb this past weekend. I was feeling tired, but not too sick. Then Monday came, and Tuesday. And Tuesday, well, it kicked me to the curb. So much that I left work early. I rarely leave work early and hardly ever take a sick day. But, I sort of had to. My husband was so concerned with how sick I was getting, and the rapid progression into the crud, that he took matters into his own hands. He called me at work Tuesday morning and suggested that I come home early. I told him that I was finishing some work and would be home soon after. Apparently he didn't believe me, because he called my boss and told her she needed to kick me out of work! She agreed. Actually, she (and the rest of my co-workers) had been avoiding my office all day since I sounded like Typhoid Mary with all the coughing and sneezing. After she got off the phone with my husband, she called me and ordered me home! Thankfully I was feeling so bad Tuesday that i didn't really have time to be embarrassed by the fact that my husband called my boss, or that they conspired to get me home. I am feeling much better today. And, I resolve to listen better to my body when it tells me to slow down and take a day off to recover.

In case you think my husband is all lovey-dovey, he woke me up this morning (the first night I've even half slept in ages) because I was snoring. Of course I was snoring, I have drainage, and coughing, and all the things NyQuil is designed to combat, you goof.

Love is knowing what is best for your love in sickness.

Rockin' Birthday

We hosted a Rock Star Birthday party this weekend. I wasn’t too sure about the theme. I thought it was a little too grown-up for my baby (now 6 years old!) and I was worried about decorating and crafts. Most other themes, I have tons of ideas that instantly come to mind. This time, I had to let go a little and buy more crafts and décor that normal. I also knew I was going to be out of town the week before, and have been slammed with work commitments and kid commitments, so I knew I needed help. I used Oriental Trading and Party City to my advantage. One of our guests said that my décor was the best ever- Yea! (She should know, she’s been to most of our parties!). But, wait…I did not make most of the decorations…hmmm… I used my tried and true method of decorating the chandelier (above). I think it gives it great height and draws eyes up. I used lots of curling ribbon and added disco ball necklaces that I gave out as goodies at the end of the party. I re-used the crepe paper garland (above) from my Tatertots post and cut off the butterflies and just added stars (bought from Oriental Trading). I was going to make Happy Birthday letters, but ran out of time. I think the stars turned out well. I used the lettering method I normally use for banners and made table top R-O-C-K S-T-A-R decorations for the Tattoo/Hair and food table. You can see them below.
I'll explain how to make the letters in more detail soon. Hint- They are ridiculously easy!
“Instrument” table for Arts & Craft activities. I used block colored paper from a Teaching Supply store ($3 for a huge roll) because the markers are permanent and I didn’t want any bleeding through. The kids decorated guitars and microphones at this station.

I used stars (from Oriental Trading) everywhere- I added them to light fixtures, our front walkway, bushes, trees. I also used extra music notes (Party City) on the windows and back door. I also added metallic fringe on the windows and front door.
More details to follow, right now I am busy hacking up a lung or two. BLECH!

Friday Favorites-Wedding Bells

I went to my friend's wedding last week and started thinking about wedding items. These are a few of my favorite wedding items I've seen lately.

Via The Bright Side Project and Rhi in Pink

Bouquets made of vintage brooches, rings, etc. Shut the front door. Yes. I am so doing this for my 10th Anniversary. What a great piece to have and to hold!

My friend didn't know what to do with her hair. I suggested a hairpiece like these. I think they are great.

This one is from Florabond

From LaBoeheme

From JewelryBox88

How fun are weddings now? I would love to plan on another one, to my husband, OBVIOUSLY! Just to plan another fun celebration of our love, but this time with different touches. What are your favorite parts of weddings (yours, friend's something you've seen)?

6 years

Six years ago we met. Our daughter Em was born and as they placed her in my arms, I thought "This. This is what it's all about." I was so excited and terrified about being a mommy. This baby was the result of much praying and bargaining with God. She has been worth it. Every minute. She was an angel baby and is turning into a perfect child. (Ok, not perfect, she can stomp to her room and huff with the best of them). Six years ago I met her. My Em. So small and sweet and relaxed. We wondered how she would grow. Who would she look like? What would her personality be? She's surprised us by how much she looks like both of us. Her gorgeous eyes and long eyelashes scream daddy and her smile is all mine. She desperately wants to go hunting with daddy, but loves it when mommy paints her nails. She’s kind and funny and goofy and crazy and super smart and patient and meticulous and artistic. She’s a fantastic older sister and fills our lives with so much love that I can hardly tell you.

She has moments, like this weekend when I called home "You need to come home momma, I miss you so much. I need you home.” Where I know she’s still my baby. Moments like this morning when she just needs to snuggle in close to me and Be. There are just as many moments where I can see a little of who she will be. I see her with her friends and I know she'll be popular because she's just so effortless and kind.

She is unafraid. She is persistent. She is adorable. She is six. But, she is still my baby.

Happy Birthday sweet Em. May six be everything you hope it will be and so much more.

Draft Day Suit-Recapping College Football

I missed telling you when I was out this weekend*, but I have a college football recap over at Draft Day Suit. Stop over and share some football love. I hope to have a recap every week, so let me know what you think. I will promise not to write a blog post per day on how much Greg Davis (Offensive Coordinator at Texas-ha ha-JOKE) sucks if you read me at Draft Day! No, I'm not above bribing, why do you ask?

*That town was tiny. No internet all weekend. But, that North Carolina weather was absolutely wonderful!

Love Thursday-New Beginnings and Old Friends

Today I get on a plane to see my great friend Schmidles (not her real name) get married. Schmidles has seen me through tragically bad hair days, even more tragically bad boyfriends, law school exams, and lots of happy hours. She's been there to see me grow. She was good enough to be seen with me in public when I wore overalls-seriously tragic. She knows my love of Buffy, Britney, and sharks. She's supported me, encouraged me, and challenged me.

I'm thrilled to be able to be there for her on her wedding day. She's waited a very long time to find her happiness. Lord knows, she also dated a few tragically bad men along the way. Schmidles might be the last one of my friends to get married and I can't think of a better way to end the wedding craze for all our friends.

Happy Love Thursday-here's to new beginnings and old friends.

Fall Fashion Recap

Friday I attended a Fashion Show in Houston. It wasn't Fashion Week in New York, but it was really fun and a great way to see the trends in wearable styles.The show focused on most major Fall trends- deep purple, mixed patterns, sequins, black tights, military, and lace. I captured a few of the looks here. All of these styles are from Nordstrom (who sponsored the show).
Thigh-high boots, pattern top. I still don't understand shorts styled this way-at all!
Gorgeous sweater coat. The models were all wearing shorter boots with colored/patterned socks peeking out the top.
Lovely patterned dress. Black tights with black heels. Black tights are big for the Fall.
Military-inspired jacket with deep purple jeans tucked into thigh-high boots.Another military-inspired belted coat, skinny jeans and heels. Gorgeous fall colors.
Lace touches under a dark green jacket. HATE the pants and open-toe booties. LOVE the hair!
Lots of gray and belts
Sequins are a huge trend. Gorgeous sequin dress with lace underlay. KILLER heels. I love the retro sequin headband.
Love this look. Gorgeous hair, dress, heels. WANT!Amazing sequin dress. Questionable nude booties! Fun one-shoulder ruffle dress with black belt (I love belted looks.) Again, black tights and black heels.
Bright pattern with an adorable trench. Black tights and heels.
Belted black lace dress with neck tie. Hate the open-toe booties.
Adorable mixing of patterns (black tights, black heels).
Killer one-shoulder black dress. belted. Love it. EXCEPT the open-toe booties!
I love the deep purple, military looks and sequined dresses most. I've also decided to grow my haor out so I can have long, luxurious, curly Breck girl hair. I;m sure I'll look just like the models, right?! And, in case you couldn't guess, I hate the open toe bootie trend. What's the point?! Do you have a favorite Fall trend or one you just don't understand?

Friday Favorite-Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Cups of Yum

Trader Joe's, Trader Joe's,
Oh, How I love thee
I don't love how you are not in Texas
So I have to find kind people to bring back goodies from trips
I love finding your outposts on business trips
Is it sad that I plan my trips around going to Trader Joe's
It may be sad, but my tummy is happy
Trader Joe's, you have found the perfect ratio of chocolate and peanut butter
Never, never go away
But, come closer.
Trader Joe's Mini Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups-my Friday (everyday) Favorite
*Do you live near a Trader Joe's and are willing to ship me these and the Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels of Happiness (consumed before I could take a picture) on a continuous basis? If yes, please be my friend for ever and ever. Amen.

Heisman Toss Back/Lateral/Return

Cheaters Never Win.

Well, sometimes they do. If you are a USC fan, you might want to stop reading.

When the NCAA announced the USC penalties earlier this summer, I was mostly pleased. Most college football fans knew that USC players played with an air of..well, they were a bunch of cheaters. It wasn’t too hard to forecast that. The only question was- how pervasive was the cheating. I tend to think that the NCAA is kind of namby-pamby about penalties imposed on bigger programs. Well, certain programs anyway. Especially West Coast programs beloved by certain sportswriters and pollsters. Since Pete Carroll high-tailed it out of town earlier this year, you knew there was some stinking stuff at USC.

We now know that all the rumors about Reggie Bush being a greedy greedy cheater cheater are true. We also know that the football, basketball, and other athletic programs displayed a flagrant disregard of rules and ethics. Reggie Bush could not wait 4 years to graduate from USC before he accepted gifts. As a result, he forever tarnished his reputation and that of his teammates and school. I don’t lose any sleep over this. Primarily because the 2004-2005 Football season, Texas won every one of its games, performed in stellar fashion, and all anyone could talk about was USC. According to all the broadcasters, USC was the best college football team ever. They basically handed the National Championship trophy to Pete Carroll in October. We all know what happened- they LOST. Because cheaters shouldn’t win. Because Vince Young turned in what is arguably one of the greatest college football/quarterback games of all time. I guess I’m still bitter about that. I could also tell during that game Pete Carroll was so full of ego that there was some crappy stuff at USC. And I WAS RIGHT. See, NCAA, you should really pay more attention to me. I know my football and I can sniff out cheaters. I never trusted Reggie Bush. I swear. There were just too many stories about his parents accepting gifts and what he was or was not doing to make him sit right with me. Now that he is ineligible to play that entire year, what should happen to the Heisman?

Technically, he is ineligible for the trophy. Technically, he does not deserve it. Yes, he won the Heisman in a landslide. Yes, he is one of the most talented collegiate football players in years. However, he was ineligible to play. Therefore, all that footage, all those plays, every time he touched a football NEVER HAPPENED. So, he does not deserve it. Who deserves it? Nobody. I love Vince Young. I think his leadership and athletic ability led the Horns to our National Championship. Without Vince, no way would we have won that final game, those final seconds. That said, I would not want him to win a tainted trophy. I would not want Vince to be the runner-up available if "the Winner can’t complete her duties for any reason." The Heisman trophy should simply be vacated. There should be no winner for the season as a reminder to top athletes everywhere that cheating-whether it is doping, getting the answers to tests, or accepting bribes- doesn’t pay. (Let's forget about the fact that Reggie is sitting on a big pot of money.) It will be interesting to see what happens.

Game Day!!

Finally it's College Football Season. More Specifically, Texas College Football!
I Am So Excited.
Fortunately, the 'Horns started their season here in Houston against Rice. We were able to go to the game with our friends Pam and her husband.*That's Pam's picture of my boots in the header-cute, huh?
Pam and I had a great time people watching and debating the best outfits while tailgating. We decided to run a Glamour type football fashion blog next time we are at a game. There are plenty of fashion dos and dont's for a year's worth of blog material!
My husband is a Rice grad-he was one of about 20 people there in blue rooting for Rice. I kid. But, seriously, that stadium was FULL of orange. God, it was beautiful!

I took more pictures of half-time than during the game because I am a serious game-watcher. Also, there were football beverages to drink; and refs to yell at; and plays to debate...I have my priorities people! The game was pretty much a lock (although there have been many times when Rice has knocked us over). I wasn't too enthusiastic about the new Offensive game plan, which was run-run-run-run-run. I agree that our running game hasn't been great recently, but I would have liked to have seen Gilbert really get a chance to open up some passes. It was cool to see Chase McCoy (Colt's brother) play a little in the 4th quarter. Mainly I am just SO HAPPY that college football is back. It feels like all is right with the world.

Friday Favorite- TEXAS FOOTBALL

Texas Football starts in less than two days! I repeat, College Football is starting. I am so excited. I can't wait to see Garrett Gilbert and the new offense. I'm excited to see if Texas can develop a new running game; is Cody Johnson going to be the new go-to Running Back? When will we find the next Ricky Williams? Who will replace the McCoy-Shipley partnership? Who will be the breakout stars? Will Greg Davis finally create some suspense in the offensive schemes? As you can tell, I have a lot of football to digest, to watch, to read, to replay. Best of all, I'm going to the first game of the season right here in Houston. UT plays Rice at Reliant Stadium on Saturday and my husband (a Rice grad) will be there with Pam and her husband. Pam and I went shopping for game day clothes Thursday and all that burnt orange team spirit is infectious. So exciting. I can NOT wait!