Designer Explanation Needed

One of my fashion dreams is to own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. I discovered last season (too late) that Nordstrom offers a pre-season pre-order sale on select Louboutin shoes. Thinking Saks would probably offer something similar, I was overjoyed to get an email from Saks this week announcing the new Louboutin line. This is it! I thought. My chance to get a deal on new Louboutins!! Imagine my disappointment when I opened the email and 1) there was no discount or sale, 2) They were spotlighting MESH boots. Excuse me? Mesh Boots for almost $1400. Please, someone enlighten me. Exactly where does one wear mesh boots? If you look at the site, you can see that the mesh extends all around the foot. So, not only would you have to make sure your pedicure was perfect, you'd also walk through all the yuck on the ground. It's almost like a high heel flip flop. Also, someone please explain to me why harem (MC Hammer) pants are back in style? Acid Wash jeans, neon colors. Bad 80s comeback...Completely baffling. I do. not. get. it.


  1. But how will you walk in that? I practically fall over in my joggers. Wait- I have done that. Multiple times.

  2. Those are pretty frightening and for the price, no way!


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