Love Thursday-A Father's Love

Last week I did something I rarely do, I left my husband and kids and took a mini-vacation to see the National Championship Game. No, I won't shut up about it-it was a big deal. I knew my children were going to be just fine without me. But, I still wondered...A few minutes after the game ended, I got a text from my husband that read "Sorry about the game, M ended up in the ER. She's fine. No need to call." Of course, I called immediately. Turns out, my baby was careening around the house and collided with the edge of the kitchen cabinet. She ended up with about a 1 1/2 inch laceration on her head,, and five staples! My husband said she was a total hero about it and was eerily calm throughout the whole procedure. It should be noted that this was M's second time to the ER in 3 months! (Our 5 year old has Knock on Wood, never been to the ER). Undoubtedly my husband handled the whole situation much better than I would have. Lots of blood from my baby+crying=freaking out mommy. It was terrible to not be there when she hurt herself, and when the doctor stapled her head! That said, it showed how much my husband loves me-he waited until after the game to tell me about the accident and ER visit since he knew I would immediately worry and try to call.

Love knows how to break bad news and how to assuage mommy guilt!

*No pictures this post because the head staples are really, really gross. Trust me.

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  1. OMG I can't believe it! Poor, sweet lil M~ I bet E was really freaked out about it. Kudos to your hubby for saving it for later, I bet that was hard for him to do.


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