Love Thursday- 100x

We prepared a poster for Em's class to celebrate the 100th day of school. Of course we devised a way for Em to create a princess crown with stickers. What could be better? I loved that we came up with something together that she could complete by herself. She loved the sparkly stickers and princess crown. Working on this small project caused me to flash forward to Science Fair projects, dioramas, etc. I also reflected on the many nights my father tried to teach me algebra and pre-calculus in high school. My father is one of the most brilliant people I know, just naturally smart. Instead of working through the problem, he would create similar problems so I could "learn" how to do the math. I am fairly stubborn and did not appreciate my father's efforts at all. I kept insisting "Dad, I am never going to need to know how to do this. Just please, tell me the answer." While true, this did not make for the most pleasant late night homework sessions. Now I appreciate his love for me and unending patience while he tried (in vain) to teach me fundamental math formulas. Hopefully I can cultivate that same patience as I encounter future projects and complicated math with my girls.

Love is helping your child learn and still loving each other after the project. But seriously dad, I did NOT need to know any of those formulas!!

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