Afro Circus Hilarious

I would normally keep this to highlight for a Friday Favorite. But, these youtube videos are too funny not to share immediately. I found these this weekend and we have laughed ever since, with "Mommy-Afro Circus PLEEEEEASE?!!".

Even funnier, the multi-language version.

Hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

A Pool with a View-Texas Style

We used the long weekend to put a pool in at our "ranch" property. We have a pool at our house and thought it was past time we put a pool in at the property. Look at that great Texas view; we hate to waste that during the hot Texas summers.

It's the same type of pool that ranch and farm kids have played in for years. My mother, a rancher's daughter, had one growing up.
Oh, you expected a real pool? Ha. Not happening for years...unless we win the lottery. It's a galvanized feed stock tank and I have to say, it works really well. It fits the four of us with enough room for a rowdy game of "Marco Polo." Plus, it adds character to our little piece of property. Why buy an inflatable pool from a store when you can get a galvanized feed tank from the farm supply store? 

Friday Favorite-Hey Girl

I'm a big fan of the Ryans (Gosling and Reynolds, Reynolds and Gosling). Sigh. Drool. In fact, I'm watching "The Proposal" right now, which is a million times better because of the shower scene. I digress...where were we? Anyhow, I've been following several of the Hey Girl memes based on Ryan Gosling and various topics for awhile now-one of my everyday reads is Handmade Ryan Gosling. The other day I was reading Pioneer Woman and Kristen wrote about "Hey Runner Girl." Oh my. So funny (and hot).

My current favorite. I love it.

Hey Runner Girl-my Friday Favorite.

Monday Musing- School Lunches

I was so proud when I taught both my girls to pack their lunches before school started last Fall. I thought I was so smart. I patted myself on the back. Then, they took their sweeeeet time making their lunches. It would routinely take them 30 minutes to make their lunches. Don't ask me, I have NO idea what they were doing either.

Today it dawned on me. Require them to make their lunches BEFORE they get dessert (lunches are made after dinner each night). Ding-ding-ding-WINNER. It only took me 10 months to discover the key. Well, at least next year they will be quick about making lunches!

Those of you who don't yet have kids, that's free parenting advice for you. Be ye not so slow.

Friday Favorite-Anthropologie Pilcro Chinos

OK, last weeks Favorite was really serious and deep and, well...this week it is all about pants! I have the worst luck finding pants that fit me and that I like wearing. This week I found a pair that I LOVE. Cue angelic chorus. No surprise that they are from Anthropologie. Anthro had a huge sale on Tuesday, so I went to check things out. I'm always searching for pants (especially ones that work for Fridays at work) and picked these out-fun color, good weight, looks promising. I tried them on and-SOLD! I would have bought more pairs, but the other colors are sort of meh. The lilac is perfection. I present The Pilcro Chino pants.
I love the fun color, which I am totally considering to be a neutral. I can see wearing these for all sorts of casual events and am even wearing them to work today. For work on Friday I wore a black top, pink & red bubble necklace from J Crew (via eBay) and leopard pumps, also from J Crew. It was a little wild, but very fun. For play, I'm thinking stripes and white, or denim. Woo-hoo for colored pants!

Anthropologie Pilcro Chinos-my Friday Favorite. Go buy some today!

Warrenton Recap

This weekend I'm planning on hitting the Houston-based Urban Market with my friend, Joan. I figured that it was probably time for a quick recap of the last market I went to with Joan, the Warrenton Antique Fair (part of the mammoth RoundTop, Marburger, etc Antique Fair). I like going to the Antique Fair because it is a great place to be inspired and find fun items. We like Warrenton because it is a little bit cheaper, easier to navigate, and it's where Eddie Ross took us!
The vintage clothing and accessories caught my eye. It was REALLY hard not to buy anything.
Joan got an awesome bag. Jealous.

I loved this vintage book display.
I can see this type of display popping up in Pottery Barn catalogs and coffee shops across the US next year. I wish I had room to use these over-sized books, very cool. 
I was looking for items we can put on the gate at the Property. This didn't fit the bill, but I wanted it. Oh yes I did, peace, love, and Longhorns!
I loved this area of Warrenton, can you see the sign?
A close-up- 
Dead People's Stuff! (That's just what my husband said when I told him Joan and I were going shopping at Warrenton).

This vendor caught my eye-he made lots of cool lights with unusual elements- globes
and turbines

Warrenton has the BEST food. I'm putting it in this post because Joan and I couldn't remember where we went. So, next year, remember to go to the Legal Tender Saloon. The BBQ Brisket sandwiches are amazing. And about seven pounds of food! Ridiculously amazing.

Monday Musings

Monday Musings, also known as Brain Dump...

Call me old fashioned, but I think any "outfit" that can be worn to a certain kind of club is not appropriate for Church. For God's sake, cover the 3 Bs- b--bs, belly, butt.

Since when did it become OK to take your iPad to Church, and then USE it to take pictures during the service?

I blame my first two thoughts on the "Twice a Year"* Catholics who attended the Church's First Communion service. Seriously, it was outrageous and embarassing.*You know those people who only show up for holy days like Christmas and Easter?-Yeah, them.

I saw "The Avengers" with my husband this weekend. Now the next few thoughts will makes sense.

Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr) MAKES "The Avengers." That's some funny stuff.

I love Scarlett Johansson's hair in the movie. I sort of want to cut mine now. It's already red, I'm half-way there!

Don't let me cut my hair. I always hate it when it is short.

I have a hair appointment this weekend. I'm afraid I'll go drastic and then spend the next 4 months moping.

Does anybody drink all that soda that they seel at the movie theater? Yikes.

Home-made cards and books are the BEST Mother's Day presents.

My kids think I'm smart and pretty, my work here is done.

I mean, of course I prefer that they think I'm smart. But, I'd be lying if I didn't say I liked the pretty part too!

I've been wearing the HECK out fo my Zara coral jeans. Ever buy something sort of on a whim and then it turns out to be one of your favorite items?

Friday Favorite-First Communion

What should be today's favorite? The new Target Shops?- Of course I hit those aisles...the new pair of jeans I found at Anthropologie? Earrings I got for my birthday? Kendra Scott and Kate Spade (I have awesome friends & family)? The beef tacos from Oh My Gogi-yum?...No, today my favorite thing is this weekend's big event, my daughter's First Communion. Ack. I can't believe that we're already at this stage. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were baptizing our little baby.

Raising my childen with a strong sense of faith is important. I consider my faith the defining force in my life. Of course, I hope that they will chose the faith of their mother and my family. Whatever they choose, I want them to experience a spiritual journey. Being able to trust and to believe is important. This step; this sacrament is important. While I brought Em into the Church through Baptism, this is the first step that she will take to join our faith community. As parents, we get all these great opportunities to help our kids. I love watching my kids experiencing things for the first time. My faith and the traditions of my faith are really sacred to me and I can't wait to share them with both my daughters. I'm really excited is what I'm saying. I'm also excited because my parents will be there to give her part of the Communion. Sort of a passing of the torch from generation to generation.

Watching her walk around the house in her white dress and veil is all a bit surreal for me. I feel like I blinked and she grew up. (I fully realize I'm being a bit dramatic and weepy.) I realize that each stage in her life passes so quickly. Before I realize it, I'll be sewing a veil for her wedding instead of one for her First Communion. So, today's Favorite is watching this step in my daughter's life-her First Communion.

Family Time-The Property

We get asked, so "What do you DO at the Property?"

We pick flowers.
The girls picked these for me
Em calls these the "Lorax Flower."
We Fish.
We haul a TON of limbs to burn-no pictures of that, I was too busy dragging limbs everywhere! By "we" hauling limbs, I mean me hauling limbs. While somebody (my husband-ahem) was off hunting and checking traps. 
We use that fire for s'mores. 
We (I) hope and pray there are no mice or scorpions in the cabin. 
We discover that M can make pitch perfect hen turkey calls.
I go for long runs on country roads. 
We make family time.