Fug or Fab

I love fashion, and I love pop culture, and so I love the day after an awards show. I never really watch the actual show, I just wait to see the outfits. The Grammy carpet was no disappointment. I'm not going to profile every dress, that's what the fug girls are for. But, I have to talk about two of my favorite entertainers, with very different results.
I love Glee! Love, love, love it. Lea Michel is just the best thing ever, such a gorgeous voice and great talent. She has really been impressive at awards shows lately. But, her Grammy dress takes the cake; it is so pretty and so much fun. Gorgeous.

Now for the not so good. (Lady Gaga and Beyonce are too easy). I was most disappointed in Britney. Britney has been looking so great lately, especially given some of her more egregious missteps. I have been a Britney fan for years, my iPod is full of Britney, I even went to her Circus concert (IT ROCKED, absolute best show ever!). So, I try to support her (but not buy that crappy perfume). I had high hopes for her dress. Then, she shows up in a leotard and black doily? Ugh. She is way too pretty for that. You know Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are going to bring out the weird, so she could have gone edgy but cool or classic, or just diva it out. But, she went weird and just looked kind of lame in comparison. Britney, for the record, I like it when you look classy and pretty.

What about you? Do you love awards season too? Do you watch for the awards, performances, or dresses? And, who was your favorite?

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  1. I only watched the beginning so I missed most of the outfits but Brittney is frightening. I agree with you, she can be so pretty when she's glammed up with an attempt at class. This outfit is too scary!


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