Show Compassion-Haiti Earthquake

Several months ago my family was moved to sponsor a child through Compassion. It was clear to me that we would not expand our family, but I needed to share our love and wanted to find a way to expand our family since pregnancy and adoption were out. Compassion filled that void. We found a little girl in Haiti that was a year older than my oldest daughter. We chose Haiti because my husband served the country in a UN Peacekeeping mission several years ago and was affected by the extreme poverty. They say in Compassion you form a bond with your sponsored child: I can tell you that is true. I have been worried sick about little Sandrine ever since I heard about the earthquake. While she is not family, she does represent an extension of our family. At this point, we don't know anything. We have all been praying for her and her family (its just her, her mother, and grandmother). Until we have more information, we ask that you say a prayer for her and her family (and the people of Haiti). If you don't believe in prayer, please send good karma and wishes their way.


  1. I will say a prayer for you. We are still looking for my step-father's 89 year old mother, his brother and 2 sisters.

  2. Sabrina,
    I can't imagine the pain your family is going through. Our prayers are with you.


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