What Do Fairies Do?

When eleven little fairies comes to your house for a party, I suggest a Fairy Scavenger Hunt. However, I also suggest making sure you have the right clues in the right places-oops! I accidentally left a card out and matched the clues up with the wrong activities. Clue 1: You'll be a fairy soon enough, but even fairies need a place to put their stuff. Paint a fairy house for your fairy friend. Take it with you at the end. After each fairy was done painting her house, I painted her face.
Clue 2: Fairies need wings to fly so high, find a pair that fits and see if you can fly. Again, if it is nice weather, I think it would be awesome to hang the wings in a tree. It was too hot for us.Clue 3: Find something to help you take a note to help remember what you wrote. (Mini toadstool colored pencils) Clue 4: Fairies need wands for magic powers. Find yours where you might keep flowers.
Clue 5; All that work was hard find a straw and dig right in- (Hey, I was tired at this point). It was time for snacks after the scavenger hunt.

Missing clue: Fairies twinkle from head to toe. I see your shoes, but where's your bow? (Ok, so it was a headband, but it didn't matter since I left it out.) I left this clue out since I didn't finish all the headbands. They were really cute tulle rhinestone flower bands though. When I post the craft run-down, I'll include these. All my clues would have matched up if I included these-woulda coulda shoulda.
After the scavenger hunt, we ate and then played Fairy Freeze Dance and read a fairy book. One activity I didn't do but think would work so well is a maypole. I wish I had thought of it a few days ago!


  1. Dear Ellie,

    Will you be my mommy? Please??


  2. TELL me you have video of the Fairy Freeze Dance?! Precious!

    Also? LOVE the fairy houses. :)

  3. SO clever! I love how you did the scavenger hunt! Hostess remorse again because that would have been the perfect way to alleviate the one stressful bit of my party. (All the kids arriving at the same time and needing to get them all dressed up.)


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