Blue Flowers and Purple Polka Dots

Since Em spent a number of hours doing some decidedly un-fun things this past week, I decided she needed an unexpected treat.I took Em for her first real mani/pedi. What a lucky girl. I think I was 16 before I had a real mani or pedi.
She was so happy. The water! Mommy, the water is turning colors! And, a pink! butterfly chair! Everything was! just! so! exciting! She was laughing out loud during the whole experience. Her happiness made me happy and all it took was blue flowers on her hands and purple polka dots on her toes. Of course, I had to paint M's nails as soon as she saw her sister's!


  1. So cute! I just took Naya for one last week too and she loved it. We'll have to take them together next time. :)

  2. CUTE! I can't wait to take my little girl to get her nails done now.
    AMC :)


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