Last Crafty Fairy Party Favors

I found this party today and could just kick myself for not thinking of some of those fantastic ideas! Anyone else have crafter/hostess remorse?! Those flower fairies? Gorgeous. She even made the flower tissue paper garland I wanted to try. The snack table?- so cute, how did she make crepe paper look that good? Please, click the link! Oh well, just kicking myself...I realized that I never showcased the crafts and things I made.Fairy Toadstool colored pencils. It would have been so cute to have made these from the "wooden" pencils, but I didn't realize it until it was too late. The toadstool pencils were so easy I don't even have step by step pictures: 1) take wooden buttons from the craft store, glue on the end of the pencil, 2) use tape to tape off the pencil so you can paint the bottom of the toadstool (I used a paint pen), 3) paint the top with a toothpick, 4) add dots with the paint pen.
To make fairy wands, gather a bunch of tulle, ribbons, and glue. I used tulle ribbon left over from skirts/tutus I made for Em's birthday a couple years ago. I cut the tulle in strips about 6-12 inches long, then stacked about 10 of them before tying in a bundle and folding (much like making a tissue paper pouf). You know I love making tissue paper poufs, so these were no problem.Meanwhile, wrap a wooden dowel with ribbon, securing once every inch or so with hot glue. Tie ribbon at the top, then hot glue your tulle flower pouf on top. Instant Fairy Wand. I just found a detailed tutorial here, she explains it in much more detail.These two low-impact crafts made a huge impact on our fairy guests. I prefer making party goodies; it's more fun than buying little trinkets and makes me feel slightly like Martha. That's it for fairy celebrations. Now, to plan a Rock Star Game Party.

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  1. I totally have crafter's remorse! There are just so many fabulous ideas out there it's hard to make them all happen! I *heart* your toadstool pencils! (I wanted to incorporate more toadstools at my party!) And I loooooove the poufy wands! So pretty! Thanks for linking to me, I'm honored! (btw the link is broken, it's missing the colon. Oooh, that sounds dirty!)


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