4 Year Old Questions

My baby turns 4 today (wah). Rather than get schmoopy and overly sentimental, I decided it might be fun to post M's answers to a few questions here. Each year I ask each girl this set of questions:

How old are you: 4!

What makes you happy: Smiling

Now that you are 4, what are you going to do: You're going to pick me up from school after cupcakes.

What is your favorite thing to do: Play

Who is your favorite person to play with: Em

What is your favorite thing to do with mommy: Art Projects

What is your favorite thing to do with daddy: Go out to eat

What is your favorite thing to do with Em: Dance

What do you want to be when you grow up: Teacher & a mommy

What is your favorite food: Breakfast

What is your favorite color: Orange

What is your favorite movie: Madagascar

What is your favorite song: I went to California (to see the fair, to meet the Senoritas with flowers in their hair. Oh, shake it baby, shake it. Shake it all you can. Shake it like a milkshake in a frying pan. Shake it to the bottom, shake it to the top. Shake it all around until I holler stop!) Lovely little ditty, which now will hopefully be in your head too.

Happy Friday, I'm off to bake cupcakes and finish a few fairy accessories.

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  1. Ah, happy bday sweet M~! Can't wait to help you celebrate on Sunday. ;)


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