Birthday Decor-Butterflies, poufs, and glitter

I believe that setting the scene is very important for parties. Let's not discuss the fact that the average age of the guests at my daughter's fairy birthday party was 4. I'm all about the details. M wanted a fairy garden party and the decor would set the scene. I start outside with a pink walkway (part of a huge roll of vinyl tablecloth I've used for tons of parties) with glitter and confetti butterflies, and floral butterfly picks in our flowerpots. I also make sure I paint or draw a sign for our door. *If I had it to do over, I would have gone with my original idea to hang the wings in our trees outside, but the temperature Sunday was eleventy million degrees and way too hot to make the girls come outside for their wings.
Inside I used lots of tissue paper flowers and floral picks. I found the floral picks at Hobby Lobby (over half off!), and added tulle and handmade toadstool pencils. (I got the great container above at the Mini Design Flea from Tricia, Linsey, and Holly a few weeks ago).
Hanging lanterns from the Martha Stewart line at Michaels. I bought them last year for Em's Princess party-thank God for two girls with overlapping party tastes! I had hanging tulle at each corner, but the darn things wouldn't stay up. We finally hung them with duct tape! Be warned-figure out how to hang things BEFORE the day of the party. In retrospect, I think the Command hooks would work really well. Hindsight-darn! I used the same ribbon in our dining room chandelier and I think it is the easiest way to bring the party decor up. I love having lots of levels of decorations and curling ribbon on lights/sconces, etc is a great way to make a big impact.
More poufs...Come on, you can never have too many poufs! You see those little things on the ground?Butterflies. I intended to make a hanging butterfly graland, but ran out of time. I still think it would be a sweet addition to a fairy/garden party or nursery. I also thought of getting a large branch and spray painting silver or white and tying the butterflies on for a centerpiece. But, time was my enemy. Maybe next time? I ended up with about 400 butterflies, so if anyone needs any, let me know!


  1. So festive! I love those hanging lanterns. And butterflies!


  2. Oh. My. God.
    Am I a bad mother for farming this out to Pump It Up???
    You're admirable, Miss E.

  3. You are too much...the party was fab and I loved the treasure hunt!

  4. Love the lanterns! What a fabulous scene for a party!

  5. Looks like such a neat party and some great ideas! Can I just hire you? Wink! Oh, and I recognized the french market bucket in an instant! Glad you went home with one. I've got hydrangeas in mine (fake ones, that is).

    Happy weekend!


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