Two is Enough

M with her cousin

This weekend my brother and sister-in-law brought their adorable 2 year old son for a quick visit. As it turned out, I got to play super aunt and super mom to my two girls and my nephew Saturday while my husband was out of town and my brother and sister-in-law enjoyed a well-deserved date. Y'all, I was WIPED at the end of the day. Dog tired. And, the kids weren't bad at all. I was just out numbered. How do all these amazing moms of more than 2 children do it? I am one of three children and always thought I would have at least three kids. Actually, I wanted four. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I decided three would be OK. While pregnant with my second daughter, I decided two was enough. Over the past two years, I began to doubt our decision. I wanted another baby. I felt like we needed another child to complete our family. Every time my baby passed another milestone-sleeping in a big girl bed, potty training, giving up the pacifier, my baby clock would start ticking. I love babies. I love everything about them. Our girls were such fantastic babies. Well, there was that whole first two months of M's life where she would scream bloody murder every day around 5 for two hours unless I held her. That was fun! However, their momma wasn't such a gem of a pregnant woman. So, I knew we were done. This weekend showed me why. As much as I love kids, I am not cut out to be a mom of three (or more). I simply don't have the energy. I was outnumbered. Thankfully, the kids were all really good, but I felt so stressed the whole time-just trying to make sure that each child got the attention they needed. I'm happy to add an extra kid for a day or two, but no more babies for us. *Also, how would I plan a homemade birthday celebration for each child if I had an extra kid to actually parent?!
Two is enough...for now. I kid! I kid!


  1. ONE is plenty for moi!
    Knowing you, you were trying to coordinate well planned artistic and creative activities for all three kids while baking a homemade cake, planning the next bday soiree, running 10 miles in prep for your half marathon, photographing the kiddy art stations, and balancing a bowl of eggs on your head all at the same time. ;)

    I'm sure your brother enjoyed his date night and appreciates you and your sweet, overachieving self.
    Happy Monday Elz!!

  2. They say you know when you're done. I'd add that you are also REMINDED WHY you are done. ;)


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