Friday Favorite-THE Dress & a little dreaming

Images Gia Canali

I've said it before, but I really, really mean it now. Perfection. I found this dress through Leslie's blog and I am so happy I clicked over that day because I have not stopped thinking of this gorgeous dress since. This dress was made for a wedding, by the bride! Couldn't you just die?! Perfect. The wedding looked beautiful as well. It is one of those weddings that make me want to get married (to my husband!) all over again, just to plan the perfect ceremony and party. I am seriously considering tackling a similar dress for my anniversary next year. How amazing would that be?! Inspirational and gorgeous. Definitely my Friday Favorite.

*I had to add a link to this blog. Gabrielle featured the blog a few days ago and I just love it. I am impressed by any mom who is that creative and has energy to create memories for her family. So creative, a definite must read.

Image via Mila's Daydreams, Adele Enersen


  1. I found that blog from someone else yesterday and I am head over heels in love with it.

  2. That blog is those sweet little things. That dress isn't so bad either. ;)

    Happy weekend Elz.

  3. Elz~ how did you know?
    We are wrapped in wedding fever here. Just what I needed today!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This dress is amazing and a handmade wedding, to die for. haha
    I like your blog and am happy to follow you. I think we can be friends but one thing I love football too but I LOVE my school, Texas Tech....Ouch!!! Don't hold it against me. School pride and I will try to not hold burnt orange against you. LOL


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