Busy July Mojo

July is a busy month for us. Wednesday our marriage turns 9. Friday my little M turns 4. In a couple weeks, we are scheduled to go to Napa to run int he half marathon. Which means, we have a little celebration just about every other day this week and then a big party on Sunday. We normally start off the week of celebrations with our town's 4th of July parade and festival (Saturday). The Fourth of July parade is one of the reason's we love our city so much, it still has a small town feel to it (we live in a small city just outside the Houston city limits) -complete with kids' bike parade, fire trucks, bouncy houses, and LOTS of candy. I hate to say that we had a crazy, tumultuous week complete with monsoon rainstorms and by Saturday I just couldn't take it. So, we sat out the parade this year. And, it was ok. The world did not fall apart.

I have this Wonder Woman Martha Stewart complex where I try to make every holiday and party perfect and nearly kill myself in the process. This time, I let it go. I had to let it go. I have way too much on my mind lately. Big stuff. I didn't decorate for the 4th of July. I didn't take one picture, or even bring my camera with me. Those two facts should tell you all you need to know. My mojo is gone. Out of Whack. Even though we missed the 4th of July parade, we still managed to squeeze in a few fireworks, plenty of watermelon (M could eat it all day every day) and some hot dogs. I also managed to craft like crazy for M's party. My mojo may be off, but my obsessive party planning is in full swing. Hopefully my mojo will work today and I'll be back with a fun party tutorial.

Hope your mojo is intact and you had a wonderful holiday.

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  1. There's a lot to be said for leaving the camera behind and just enjoying the moment! I hope you all enjoyed the holiday yesterday and we look forward to celebrating with M on Sunday. Happy anniversary as well, we just celebrated #8 last week (Canada Day of course). :)

    I'm thinking about you guys and sending love and hugs!!


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