Love Thursday-All that Glitters

We have glitter all over the house. Actually, there's glitter in the house, outside the house, on our faces, on our clothes. Everywhere. That's the thing about glitter, it makes everything so pretty (according to the 6 and under set) but you find it everywhere. We have glitter everywhere because we just hosted a Fairy Birthday party on Sunday. The wings had glitter, the wands had glitter, I spread glitter on the entryway-you get the idea. We had glitter everywhere because I show love through parties. Some people bake (well, OK, I do that too), some people create elaborate scrapbooks, I plan parties. I spend months planning parties and weeks preparing decorations, food, and activities because it is a tangible thing that I can do for my kids. Would my girls be happy with a family celebration with little fanfare? Of course. But, I feel like I have to do it-and I have to do it right. It is 100% working mom guilt. I may not be able to be there for every school performance, dance recital, or event, but they will remember their birthday parties. (By damn.) And, those birthday parties will be as homemade and as special as I can make them. The other day a friend wrote about love languages and how she shows her love for those she cares about; she's a doer. (As an aside, Mir is just so dang brilliant. Her parenting tools and observations are spot on. I hope I have enough energy to parent like her when my kids are tweens.) I guess you could say that glitter is my Love Language.

Hope your Love Thursday glitters and sparkles.

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