How to Host a Fairy Party

How to host a Fairy Birthday party in 6 easy steps:
Step 1- Add wings and glitter, lots of glitter
Step 2-Add Fairy Wands
Step 3:-Add flower poufsStep 4-Find a fairy story
Step 5-Add a few clues for a fairy hunt (the more it rhymes, the bigger hit it will be)
Step 6-Bake and decorate a cake (That's the top of a toadstool. Clearly cake decorating is not my forte).

If you don't know me, you might not know that I love planning parties. Love it. I plan and plan and plan. So, consider yourself warned that this week is all party all the time. Don't worry, I'm not sharing my super secret cake decorating tips because really-that cake looked terrible. Tasted good though. Oooh, tip 1- serve champagne so the moms in attendance don't mind if the cake looks or tastes a little "off"!


  1. I think your cake looks wonderful and I haven't even had a glass of bubbly! Great party tips-thank you!

    Best wishes,

  2. Pre-cious. PRESHUS! I bet all the girls had a great time. I hope you enjoyed a few sparkling glasses as well. ;)

    Happy birthday sweet, Em!

  3. Well done Elz! You have a special talent for parties! Can I book you for 2 kids parties next year? LOL

    AMC :)


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