Happy Love Day

My husband hates Valentine's day. No, really. He hates it. It's not a huge deal. We still have our anniversary. Since I never have to look for any gift or special celebration for us on Valentine's Day, it leaves me free to make all sorts of projects and treats for my kids. This year the girls and I made these lollipops, barrettes similar to these, and wiggly eye pencil toppers for the boys (no tutorial, but easy & cute). I'm also about 1/2 way through these flowers for the teachers (oops!). I over-Martha Stewarted the holiday and under-estimated the time I'd need. It isn't the first time that has happened and won't be the last time, I'm sure.

I watched two of my all-time favorite romantic movies while finishing the projects- The Notebook and Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightley version). I thought it might be fun to share our top 10 Favorite romantic movies. In no particular order:

The Notebook
Pride & Prejudice
Hope Floats
When Harry Met Sally
An Affair to Remember
The Time Traveler's Wife
Steel Magnolias (I'm counting a mother's love)
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Gone With The Wind

Wow, that went fast. There are at least ten others I love to watch (like Emma, Sense and Sensibility, and Love Actually). What are some of your favorite romantic movies?


  1. I can be channel surfing and stumble across Sally Field's cemetery scene and be bawling my eyes out within seconds.

    (I also like Notting Hill and The American President.... but that's just me. I have a thing for conflict resolution before the happy ending.)

  2. Funny, my hubby loathes Valentines day too! We had some special treats for Naya this morning and did go out for some nice dinners this weekend.
    Happy ♥ day to you and your sweet girlies Elz.

  3. Love Actually is one of my all time faves. But I love Hope Floats. I can't help but cry in that movie! I love the Time Traveler's Wife when I read it, but was disappointed in the movie (I guess the movies are hardly ever as good as the books themselves.)


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