Life List (version 1)

I noticed a number of life lists last year after Maggie posted hers. I always thought it was a great idea, but never sat down to really think about it. I still have a few spaces on my list until I reach 100 because there are always new things to try. Since there is a very good chance that I will get to do one item on my life list this weekend, I figured I ought to write it down-you know putting it out there for the good karma. See if you can guess which item might get crossed off soon. I have been really lucky to have lived in another country and spent months in Europe by myself. I included a few of those items since I still think those experiences are pretty awesome. It also makes the list less daunting to have a few items crossed off!

1) Stand at the Great Wall
2) Snorkel or Scuba the Great Barrier Reef
3) Go on a photo safari in Africa
4) Take the girls to New York at Christmastime
5) Ice skate in Rockefeller Plaza
6) Walk part of the Appian Way- DONE
7) Take the girls to Paris
8) See the Mona Lisa- DONE
9) See David- DONE
10) Meet royalty- DONE
11) Take the family to my British home
12) Take girls to look for seashells- DONE
13) Family trip to see the Grand Canyon
14) Family trip to Disney
15) Take classes taught by Supreme Court Justice- DONE
16) Hear oral arguments at the Supreme Court- DONE
17) Mass with the Pope at the Vatican-DONE
18) Become fluent in another language (and retain that information)
19) Punt on the Thames- DONE
20) Family trip to Washington , D.C.
21) Visit Alaska
22) See Britney Spears in Concert- DONE
23) Meet Tim Gunn
24) Own a pair of Christian Louboutins
25) Find the perfect Black Dress-DONE
26) Take the girls to a Texas football game
27) Watch Texas play in the NCAA basketball tournament
28) Go as a family to the Texas v OU football game
29) Watch Texas play for the BCS National Championship-DONE
30) Take a picture with Bevo- DONE
31) Watch an Olympic sporting event in person
32) Run a 5K- DONE, 10K- DONE, half marathon
33) Do my girls' hair and nails for Prom
34) Swim with Whale Sharks- DONE
35) Swim with huge Manta Rays
36) Swim with as many species of shark as possible
37) Swim with dolphins
38) Own a great pair of cowboy boots-DONE
39) Zipline a forest canopy
40) Go rock climbing
41) Learn to ski well
42) Collect sand-dollars with the girls
43) Visit giant Redwoods
44) Take family to the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna
45) See humpback whales up close
46) Visit the Great Pyramids
47) Visit pyramids in Mexico
48) Learn how to make yummy empanadas
49) Have Phil Pritchett play a private party
50) See Las Vegas showgirl show- DONE
51) Gamble in Monte Carlo- DONE
52) Gamble in Las Vegas- DONE
53) Foster love of art in my kids
54) Participate in Oktoberfest in Germany
55) See Ayers Rock, Australia
56) See the Taj Mahal
57) Make a river raft-DONE
58) Meet Lance Armstrong
59) Learn to Sew-DONE
60) Go to the Sound of Music locales as a family
61) Catch a deep sea fish by myself
62) Eat crepes in France-DONE
63) Eat pizza in Italy- DONE
64) Visit great castles- Neuschwanstein, Versailles, Alhambra- DONE
65) Family trip to see European castles
66) Attend Mass at Notre Dame-DONE
67) See Willie at Luckenbach-DONE
68) Finish girls' scrapbooks
69) Take family stargazing
70) Go caving- DONE
71) Go open water kayaking- DONE
72) Eat haggis in Scotland-DONE
73) Take the girls to play in real snow
74) Make a difference
75) Gift husband with a really great hunting trip
76) Make cake pops
77) Go through The Daring Book with the girls
78) See Broadway show (not touring)
79) Learn to surf
80) Family trip to the San Diego zoo
81) Abseil/Rappell off a side of a cliff- DONE
82) Have one paid photo shoot
83) Own our own ranch
84) Go camping as a family
85) Sew dresses for the girls
86) Finish decorating the house, room by room
87) Take girls horseback riding
88) Chase butterflies with the girls
89) Visit Canada
90) Visit Tuscan countryside- DONE

If you haven't written a Life List, it is a great exercise. Let me know if you write yours, I'd love to see what is on your list.


  1. Meet Tim Gunn would totally be on my list too. Awesomeness.

  2. Ohhh... I know! I know! :)

    And I'll make cake pops with you - they are so cute!

  3. What a great list Elz! Couldn't figure out what you're going to cross off this weekend though...

  4. I know, too!! And I'm sooo proud of you in advance:)

    And, you silly, you've already made a difference. DONE

  5. Mass with the Pope at the Vatican? DUDE.


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