Bad Boys, Bad Boys- When you gotta laugh

Smell the Power!
If you have school age children, you've received the dreaded school calls. Why doesn't the school ever call you and say, "You know what? Your kid is having a fabulous day. Just wanted to let you know." Nope..It's always a tale of someone throwing something at someone, or (most frequently with M) someone getting hurt. Friends of a friend received this email last week. I'm pretty sure it was an email because the principal had to be laughing the whole time he typed it!

This email is to inform you of a behavior event that has been recorded for your child (David (*not the real name)). The details of the event are listed below:
Reported By: (redacted)
Violation: Inappropriate comments Description: Inappropriate comments/behavior: David put his hands in his pants, pulled them out, told a fellow student to "smell the power", and then tried to touch him with his hands.


  1. That is too funny! Where did he come up with that!?

  2. i don't mean to laugh, but i can't stop!
    boys are just too funny.

  3. I fully expect to receive a similar email one day soon... boys.


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