Curtain Craft Fail

In an effort to finish decorating our bedroom, I finally decided on a pair of curtains (the originals looked like this) from Anthropologie. Nobody is surprised that I bought a pair of Anthro curtains, are you? (Note-the colors are off in this picture. I am terrible with figuring out light and ISO settings. You'll see better at the end of the post how everything looks. Just bear with me.) Our windows are extremely long, so we needed more panels. I didn’t want to and couldn't order more of the Anthro curtains because they were out of stock and I thought that it would be too much pattern. Which, is exactly why I decided to get rid of the original curtains…Anyhow. I wanted to pick up the deep plum in the curtains. "Self," I thought, "I have these linen drop cloths that I was going to use for curtains anyway. Why not just dye those purple?" "That is an excellent idea," I congratulated myself. "If it fails, I’ll only be out $6 for the dye." (I think I bought the drop cloths for $6 months ago) As it turns out, my inner monologue was spot on.
Here I am, blissfully unaware of what was about to happen. Adding hot water -la la la.
Stirring, Stirring. It looks purple. (Those flecks are boiling bubbles, I'm pretty sure.) Oh, drop cloth, you will be so pretty and so cheap. Mwah ha ha!
Man, that’s a lot of Barney colored fabric.
Um, yeah. That does not look good. At all. Crafting FAIL. I then spend the next day canvassing the stores to find suitable (and suitably priced) purple curtains.
Success! Ikea to the rescue. Deep plum and only $19.99 for two panels!
That’s how a major Crafting Fail led to my perfect curtains. Amen. Ok, I still need to take off the grommets at the top of the curtains and turn them into rod panels, but that will be MUCH easier than dyeing yards of heavy fabric. Oh well. I guess I have yards of purple tie dye fabric for um…I don’t know…something!


  1. Great job Elz, I love the look. You'll certainly come up with something to use that purple fabric for....perhaps a kid party backdrop of some sort??!!
    Bravo, LOVE Ikea!!

  2. How the heck do you have time to do all of this??? I'm impressed!!!

  3. It looks amazing! I love the idea of the pattern with the solid plum. Perfect!

  4. Hee hee! We would love to post about your Barney curtains on! Let me know if it's cool!

  5. Came over from craftfail. You're end result is awesome, and at least you can still use the barney curtains as drop clothes. LOL


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