Rock Star -Rock Out Party: Follow-Up

Ok, enough being upset about missing my race. What would make me happy?! Hmm, party planning. Since I don't have a big party in the works right now, I found a few pictures from my daughter's 6th Rocking Birthday to share. I've shown you the invitations, decor, and a few activities. Here is a little bit on the rest of the party.

I wanted to give the guests to feel like Rockstars in training-each received a VIP pass and lanyard when they entered the party. Then, it was on to Hair & Make-up where they got hair "extensions" and tattoos. The art activity was to decorate instruments and microphones.After the rockstars were dressed and in tune, the girls hit the "stage" to do a little karaoke to Disney's Wii Sing It! game (next time I'd get the Disney movie version. The game we used was a little advanced for the majority of the girls).
We followed with a little musical note musical chairs (laminated musical notes) followed by a Silly String fight. What better way to prepare these little rockstars for hotel room demolition than by demolishhing some silly string?! The girls (and adults) had a blast. I'm definitely adding Silly String to our parties.
The grand "finale." Well. usually it would be. The cake. I think this cake was a little better than my "fairy toadstool" version. But, still, cakes are my downfall. Good thing that the kids don't seem to mind too much, yet!

Ah, now I feel much better. Parties always make me smile...even when the cake doesn't look that appetizing!


  1. It looks like such a fun time! And like my grandma always says, the cakes that look the worst always taste the best!

  2. Looks like a very cute party! I am sure all the kiddies "rocked out".
    I hope you are doing well!

  3. seriously fantastic. i might just do this with all adults!

  4. Super cute. You definitely have a knack for this party stuff. Can I hire you to do Lucy's birthday next month? And I'll pay you in Trader Joe goodies or wine? LOL

  5. I think the cake looks fantastic (it's a guitar? right?!) and I'm full of all kinds of great ideas for our next birthday gig. I've got three 6-yo who all think that they are ROCKSTARS. We made the mistake of putting mirrored closets up in their bedroom, and now we can't get them to stop staring at themselves while singing in to hairbrushes. We're late for the bus almost

    We might not even be able to wait for a birthday party to bust out the silly string and karaoke. Good times!


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