Rockin' Birthday

We hosted a Rock Star Birthday party this weekend. I wasn’t too sure about the theme. I thought it was a little too grown-up for my baby (now 6 years old!) and I was worried about decorating and crafts. Most other themes, I have tons of ideas that instantly come to mind. This time, I had to let go a little and buy more crafts and décor that normal. I also knew I was going to be out of town the week before, and have been slammed with work commitments and kid commitments, so I knew I needed help. I used Oriental Trading and Party City to my advantage. One of our guests said that my décor was the best ever- Yea! (She should know, she’s been to most of our parties!). But, wait…I did not make most of the decorations…hmmm… I used my tried and true method of decorating the chandelier (above). I think it gives it great height and draws eyes up. I used lots of curling ribbon and added disco ball necklaces that I gave out as goodies at the end of the party. I re-used the crepe paper garland (above) from my Tatertots post and cut off the butterflies and just added stars (bought from Oriental Trading). I was going to make Happy Birthday letters, but ran out of time. I think the stars turned out well. I used the lettering method I normally use for banners and made table top R-O-C-K S-T-A-R decorations for the Tattoo/Hair and food table. You can see them below.
I'll explain how to make the letters in more detail soon. Hint- They are ridiculously easy!
“Instrument” table for Arts & Craft activities. I used block colored paper from a Teaching Supply store ($3 for a huge roll) because the markers are permanent and I didn’t want any bleeding through. The kids decorated guitars and microphones at this station.

I used stars (from Oriental Trading) everywhere- I added them to light fixtures, our front walkway, bushes, trees. I also used extra music notes (Party City) on the windows and back door. I also added metallic fringe on the windows and front door.
More details to follow, right now I am busy hacking up a lung or two. BLECH!


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