Friday Favorite- New Sheets

Photo-Crate & Barrel

I have been steadily working on finishing our master bedroom. Going with a new color scheme means new sheets. After much searching, I found a set that are purple and graphic, but not too eye-searingly graphic- this pair at Crate and Barrel. On sale. And Marimekko. That's like a triple bonus right there. So far I'm really pleased with the sheets and love the way the pattern looks against the curtains. I forgot to get a picture before changing the sheets. Oops. Sorry, I am not going to re-make the bed for a picture! Now I'm kind of obsessed with getting more of these sheets, like maybe this pair. It's funny how a set of sheets can make such a difference in the room.

These sheets from Crate & Barrel are my Friday Favorites today.


  1. Very cute sheets! You know me, I'm boring with my solid neutral sheets~ I need to step it up a notch. ;)
    Happy Go-Texan Day!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~
    (The sound of you settling in to new crisp sheets)
    Another friday's favorite for sure!


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