Finishing a Little Home Shopping

It may surprise you to find out that I don't like shopping in general. I like finding. No, strike that, I love finding at a great deal. In fact, my friends sometimes say, tell Elz what you want and she'll find it for less. (Except the elusive Bow Tied Beauty Boots. ebay has precious few of those). I've been trying to finish decorating my bedroom - Ha! I CAN keep part of my resolution. I've been on the look-out for curtains, bedding, and a rug to bring the room together.

I have curtains that are geometric and bold and make a statement, but after living with them for awhile, I think they make too much of a statement. So, I've been looking for something slightly more subdued but still with an impact. Right now, I'm loving these curtains from Anthropologie (be still my wallet).


And this bedding set from Restoration Hardware (in gray or brown).

Photo-Restoration Hardware

I'm leaning toward the grays, which also matches my Modern Bird piece that I will show you soon. Anyone know how to save some money on the bedding and curtains? (Other than stalking eBay?) *Edited to remove all references to a company I initially wrote about that was kind of jerky and thought they could dictate my words in exchange for a discount code. No. Just no. That's all I'll say about that...for now.

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  1. Tuesday Morning is another great one for bedding! And the discount decorator's best friend - spray paint - for the accessories.


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