Olympics in summary-So far

Can we stop a moment and thank God for the Winter Olympics? I love it all. I love the athleticism, the bat crap craziness of the speeds, the skating costumes.

A few observations on the Olympics so far:

Snowboard Cross is my new favorite sport. Those athletes are crazy talented.

Moguls suck. Moguls and flips? Are you out of your mind. Alexandre Bilodeau, you earned it. I think that for every mogul/aerial skier born, another orthopedic surgeon is also born. The American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons should sponsor the US Ski team from here on out!

This year's ice skating outfits are some of the most "interesting" I have ever seen.

Exhibit (1)
Blades of Glory reject costume from the Ukrainian pairs team,

Exhibit (2) Wackadoodle country outfit worn by an Italian skater. He's from Italy, birthplace of about a thousand designers? Come ON! They actually made Johnny Weir's costume look tame. There were so many great/notable costumes. Did you have any favorites?

Speed skaters must be a little bit crazy. Have you seen how fast the really good skaters are? The skaters are all bunched up, just waiting for a major wreck. Also, the Koreans do not like the Americans, especially (apparently) Apolo Anton Ohno. Seems like sour frozen grapes to me.

P&G Proud Sponsor of Moms campaign. Oh, my heart. WAY better than anything in the Super Bowl. "To their Moms, they'll always be little kids." Love.

I've got some Half pipe to watch now!


  1. This is the first year I've really sat and watched the olympics and I love it! We've been watching as a family and it's been such fun. I actually love the mogul skiing but it does hurt my knees just watching. The skating was incredible but the costumes a bit questionable.

  2. Funny~ you are so very right!
    I am loving every event. I wondered if the ski jumpers get their start on a Wii?


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