Love Thursday-Colors

My younger daughter, M, loves colors. M firmly believes that the more colors she wears, the better. Her colorful clothes match her personality perfectly. I love how she selects the colors to mix and match. I love that, while she might like pink glitter shoes, she has no desire to be dressed like a princess from head to foot. I love her individuality and hope that she doesn't give in to the pressure to conform.

Happy Love Thursday everyone-embrace all the colors around you today.


  1. Ah, so sweet! I love letting kids pick out their own outfits...I stopped fighting that battle when Naya was about 3. I love the fun socks they have for kids. I always pick up a pair or two for her at the dollar spot at Target.

  2. Very cute--love Miss M's color choices, and I think it's great that she loves to express herself using color!
    AMC :)

  3. This is the kind of thing that in the moment will make mom crazy~ but down the road is a precious memory.
    They do grow up.

  4. I recently found your blog through Morning T (and her Rodeo Run post).

    My sister was the same way growing up. She's 22 today and she still dresses that way!


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