Friday Favorite- Girl Scout Cookie Time!

I come from a scouting family (two Gold awards, one Eagle, a couple trips to Philmont, etc.) and adore chocolate. So, it should come as no shock that Girl Scout cookie time is one of my favorite times of the year. My dad is one of the very few Americans who buys enough cookies and stashes them throughout the house so he can have GS cookies all year long. Me, they maybe last 2-3 weeks-tops-even though I buy in bulk. A sleeve of Thin Mints and a tall glass of milk, perfect.


  1. We are working so hard to loose those Christmas pounds (holidays for the past 5 years!)
    I am just hoping a cute little girlscout doesn't show up at my door. I'd cry~

  2. Yes~ I ate a half package of thin mints at my desk on Wednesday. Such a YUMMY time of year. :-)

  3. Oh geez! Girl Scouts are the cutest--showing up on my doorstep pushing my drug of choice. How can I resist that!? I bought seven boxes thinking I was going to ship them to a Canadian friend in India.

    Uh huh. I think there are, maybe, two boxes left.



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