A Real Valentine's Day

I received the following e-mail exhange last week and for the first time since startingthis blog, I told my husband "You know I'm blogging this, right?" If your February 14th wasn't all you imagined, take comfort in knowing that this did not happen to you-TWICE!

Email from mutual friend:
Hey, I was at the card shop earlier this week and had this weird panic moment that I might be looking at a card I had gotten before. Did we know someone who did that or was that just a bad sitcom move?

Husband's response:
Subject: Re: Valentines Card Question
Umm before the wife answers. I have, not once but twice given the Mrs. a card she received the previous year. She thinks it’s a big deal, I told her it’s one of my little quirks and it’s endearing. For the record however, please avoid doing so.

Another "helpful" friend chimed in with this email response:
You know, of course, that if you get her the same card THREE years in a row it shows you really care because now its a sentimental tradition.

Note: I actually have received the same card 2 years in a row for our anniversary and (I believe) my birthday. He did manage to get me a new card this year.

Has this happened to anyone else? Do you have a similar story we can all laugh and cry through? God love my husband, Hallmark is not his favorite place!

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  1. Too funny....we don't do cards in my house but there have been a few times where my mom and one of my sisters gave me the exact same card on my birthday.


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