Finally Something Crafty

I had grand designs when I started this blog about all the craft and decorating projects I would do. And then, well, the best laid plans and all that. This weekend I finally managed to attack some projects. The first was a moss covered R for my friend T. Tand her husband hosted a very swanky (and totally fun) wine tasting event Saturday night. I had to bring something, but I didn’t want to bring wine since they clearly know more about wine than I do! (Lucky for us, yummy wines). Then, I thought about a burlap wreath like this one. But, T is queen of burlap. Then, I saw a moss letter mongram on a blog late last week (I wish I could find the link, but I didn't write it down). Perfect, it would be a nice addition to her natural and white d├ęcor. The project itself is pretty easy, grab a letter (mine was a gold letter from Hobby Lobby), add moss using hot glue. However, be careful, since the moss is so transparent that when you stick it on the glue, you will burn the heck out of your hands. Mega blister time. Ow. But, I think it was worth it. I hope T likes it.

I’m also in the home stretch of my Family Rules canvas project that I started so many months ago it is embarrassing. Hopefully I'll be done by this weekend.

I'm writing my next projects down to keep me on track: Valentine's stencil shirts (freezer paper, so easy); Valentine’s Day banner; silhouettes; handprint art; Burlap/fabric wreath. Keep me honest here. Also, please tell me, does it always take you much longer to finish projects? I start one, then tinker about, then start another one. It's terrible. My house is home to the most unfinished projects ever!


  1. I love my R so much Elz~ thank you!! It is hard to finish projects, especially when you have a full time job and a family....most of us are in the same boat and have lots of unfinished projects looming in our homes. I'm afraid to write mine down as the pressure to see them through might just push me over the edge.
    I'm going to make some moss initials as gifts~ such a great idea.

  2. You R Great! I would love a PVE!

  3. That turned out so prettty, I love the moss!



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