Friday Favorite- Word Garland

I saw these awesome word garlands on katie did this week and I immediately gasped. So brilliant and so very simple. She used her garlands for a Christmas party, original post here. I can imagine creating similar word garlands for birthdays-with statements about the person, the age in different languages (two, dos, etc.) or along a theme (princess, castle, glitter, pink, etc.). I think it is one of the very best party decor ideas I have seen in a long time. Such an original way to make a statement, but ultimately very simple. I plan to use this soon, and to thank Katie for the great idea!

Any Friday Favorites you want to share?


  1. Sticks and stones will break my bones but words (like that ) will never hurt me. What a fun way to remind each of us to say nice things.

  2. That is too cool Elz...I haven't seen anything like it!
    Have a great V-Day weekend. :-)


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